Passwords Are

Ensuring existing passwords are secure and not putting your organisation at risk is challenging for any CISO or IT Manager.

How do you determine whether your password policies are compliant and your end-users password practices are not compromising your IT infrastructure? Authlogics Password Security Management is a comprehensive auditing, real-time protection and remediation suite designed to do just that.

Confident about your corporate credentials?

Active Directory
Security Auditing

Many corporate active directory databases have been in existence for decades and may contain very old and well-known passwords. Password Security Manager can perform a detailed Active Directory password audit of the existing directory data and provide a detailed per-user report, including dormant accounts, accounts with breached passwords and passwords shared within and outside of the network.

Breached Password
Detection & Protection

Password Security Management can automatically raise alerts and remediate Active Directory user accounts that have breached or shared passwords by either forcing them to be changed at the next logon or by disabling the account. When a new password is created, PSM uses a combination of a rules engine, custom blacklists, heuristic scanning and the Password Breach Database to ensure weak passwords are rejected. These rules are NIST compliant by default.

Empowering the

The included Self Service Portal empowers users to manage their own account so that they can reset their own password and unlock their own account. This cuts helpdesk call volumes and costs while improving user productivity. The portal works on desktop and mobile devices and has build-on One Time Code protection for added security.

Strong Password
Policy Compliance

Compliance with NIST SP 800-63B, NCSC, CMMC, GDPR and other digital identity guidelines.

Account Takeover &
Fraud Prevention

Reduce the risk of a Phishing, dictionary or brute force attack with real-time and ongoing protection from breached and shared passwords. Remove the burden of continually changing passwords to reduce helpdesk costs and improve productivity.

ALL Accounts

Alerts for inactive/dormant accounts. Daily password audit reports, constant identification and immediate fix of breached passwords across all accounts, including service accounts.

Password Security Management

How do I benefit?

Password protection that reduces ATO and mitigates the risk of cyberattacks, including ransomware, phishing and credential stuffing.

Real-time password feedback that complies with NIST SP 800-63B, NCSC, CMMC, GDPR and other digital identities.

Allow your users password independence via a self-service portal, improving staff productivity and lowering IT support costs (and calls).

Receive daily password audit reports, identifying and fixing breached passwords across all accounts, including service, inactive and dormant.

Access over 5 billion compromised credentials and 1.4 billion clear text passwords in the largest enterprise-grade Password Breach Database.

Watch and Learn

Monitor and evaluate your user accounts passwords.


From when a password is created to when it becomes vulnerable, you have the ability to manage, advise and remediate your users’ password practices via a live dashboard.

  • Prevent the use of breached passwords.
  • Scan breaches regularly with real-time checks.
  • Users receive feedback on changing passwords.
  • Manage ALL accounts, including dormant and high-risk.
  • Guaranteed policy compliance.

Perfect password practices

Educating your users when creating new passwords is key to protecting your IT infrastructure.

Whether it is the length of the password or its inability to comply with password policies, the perfect password can be created through PSM. Users receive real-time Password Change feedback highlighting the exact errors in accordance with policies and advice on the length and strength of passwords via the Password Expiry Meter.

Traditional passwords and passphrases can be used simultaneously.

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    Is Authlogics PSM the right solution for our business?

    Business will continue as normal and users will be unaware unless they have compromised credentials that will need to be addressed.

    There is no need to install anything onto the desktops as PSM is easily deployed onto the domain controller.

    Affected users will be automatically notified and forced to change their passwords. Accounts can be disabled if they are compromised.

    Our comprehensive reports provide you with all the information about the individual offenders who are sharing breached passwords and the accounts they are assigned to plus recommendations and guidance from our technical team as to how to keep your company secure.

    Don’t worry, we’ve got your back – as soon as a breach is alerted our PSM jumps into action and identifies all breached accounts. All those affected will be notified and forced to change their passwords.

    Our password breach database is secure and we run all the matches on your server so the data never leaves your network keeping it safe.

    Now that your helpdesk does not have to spend so much time focusing on password resets and unlocking accounts, as the end-users are managing their own accounts. They can focus on everything else that requires their attention (and enjoy a cup of tea!)

    Sure, we have many organisations around the world that use our PSM, get in touch with us and we can set up an appointment with the right geographically positioned and industry-led client.

    Removed a lot of administrative overhead for password compliance, and provides the confidence that we are actually following through with the guidelines outlined by NIST.
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