Simplified Authentication|

With the average end-user managing approximately 150 online accounts for both business and personal matters, passwords become repetitive, time-consuming, and difficult to remember.

What if the password was removed and replaced with a simple single sign-on process?

Passwordless authentication is the future.

A better login experience doesn’t have to be less secure. It has been proven that 99% of cyberattacks are avoided where MFA is enabled. Opt to go passwordless, and you will reduce your helpdesk ‘password reset’ calls and costs, increase employee productivity, strengthen IT security, keep identities safe, - and create a better user experience.

Goodbye Passwords
Hello Passwordless

No more passwords to remember or reset. The advantages of passwordless are limitless.

Empower the
End User

Delegate the account control to the end-users with access to a user access portal.

Customer Costs

Helpdesks no longer need to reset passwords and unlock accounts, alleviating IT support costs.

Less is More

Going passwordless doesn’t have to be complicated. The process is straightforward with Authlogics MFA technologies.

No password needed!

Choice of multiple passwordless login options

Works anywhere - 100% offline

Easy and consistent user experience

Simplified login with Single Sign On

Deviceless OTP Authentication

Secure access to both cloud and on-prem

User self-service portal

Windows friendly

Passwordless Authentication

Offline Push

Latest features of V4.1

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We looked at different solutions including hard-tokens but these were expensive when taking in to account both the initial costs and then the need to replace misplaced and damaged tokens. The logical choice was to use soft-tokens, but they offered a limited range of services. Then we were introduced to Authlogics and it offered everything we needed and more.”
Manager of Information Technology
Orion Technologies