Assess your Active Directory for password vulnerabilities|

Keeping passwords compliant and preventing end-users from using weak and compromised passwords can be difficult to determine.

According to Microsoft, there are approximately 95 million attacks on Active Directory account passwords daily. Knowing what passwords are in use within your organisation is the first step to addressing whether you are at risk.

The Authlogics Password Security Audit analyses your in-use passwords and provides you with a detailed view of your password posture and highlights where you do not comply to best-practice and NIST standards.

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Password Security Report Includes

Identify users using weak and non-compliant passwords

Identify users sharing compromised passwords with third-party websites and organisations

Find accounts sharing the same password

Detailed analysis of users failing security controls

Achieve this with no downtime or reboots, safe in the knowledge that nothing sensitive leaves your organisation. The Audit tool is designed to run remotely and is completed within minutes, not days.

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    Detect Breached Passwords

    The Password Security Audit tool will read the AD user account and hashed password from all existing user accounts and then analyse it against breaches stored in our Authlogics Password Breach Database, that holds over 5 billion breached credentials, to determine which accounts are currently using a known breached password.

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    The Password Security Audit tool will also analyse other email addresses that are sharing the breached password. This is useful to highlight users who use their AD password on other websites and external systems which is a very risky practice. When this happens, weaknesses of a third party can compromise your environment.


    Your passwords and their hashes are kept private at all times as they never leave your network. The Password Security Audit tool uses a concept called K-anonymity where only the first 6 characters of a password hash are sent to our Password Breach Database in the result lookup process ensuring that no sensitive information leaves your organisation.