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Find out why organisations choose Authlogics to secure their enterprise logins.

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Windows Desktop |

No more passwords. Discover the speed at which your end-users can gain access to their Windows Desktop without needing to remember passwords. By reducing the need for passwords, you can reduce the amount of locked accounts resulting in fewer helpdesk calls.

Demouser Pattern

Passwordless Web |

Discover the ease of using Authlogics MFA technologies to authenticate to secure accounts and web portals like your online banking. Providing pattern-based authentication gives customers a quick and easy way to access their accounts in a secure manner, eliminating the need for unsecure passwords.

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    With PSM, we can have absolute confidence that all BeyondTrust employees working anywhere in the world, are using fully compliant passwords that have not been compromised, whether through direct hacks, phishing or malware.
    Senior Security Engineer