Identity Verification|

How do you prove your company's identity in a world where customers are becoming more vigilant in protecting their own identity?

Maintain customer loyalty and trust by implementing a two-way identification system that improves customer retention, reduces call centre costs, and prevents identity theft by lowering the risk of litigation resulting from data breaches.

Half your Helpdesk Costs

In a company of 5,000 employees, you could be spending
$120,000 annually
on 'password related' helpdesk calls.

Up to 50% of helpdesk calls are password related (password reset or Windows account unlocking)

How much will you save in a year?

Authlogics can significantly reduce your IT support costs and maintain lower password security expenses.

Just enter the number of users to discover your ROI.

Based on password reset calls costing approximately $70 USD and users requesting on average 2 password resets per year.

Fraud Detection Prevention

Identity proofing and strong authentication capabilities minimise fraudulent intent.

Elevate the User Experience

Enhance your employees, partners, contractors, and customers' UX with operational efficiency.

Build Customer Trust in your Brand

Ensure credibility with seamless authentication processes avoiding security compromises.

Help your Helpdesk
Prove who you are

Being locked out of an account and requiring a password reset can be time-consuming for the end-user and costly for the company. Up to 50% of helpdesk calls are password-related and at an average cost of $70 per call.

Confirming identities is also challenging for both the employee and the company. How can you be sure it is your helpdesk calling? How can your helpdesk be sure they are speaking to the actual end-user?

Empower the end-user to manage their own accounts and solve the identity problem over the phone with Two-Way ID.

Lower your IT Support costs and calls

Empowering the end-user to manage their own accounts allows the helpdesk to focus on main IT infrastructure problem-solving. The Authlogics User Self-Service Portal reduces the helpdesk burden and allows users to reset their own AD password and enrol and manage MFA devices.

  • Log in anywhere, at any time, on any device
  • Prevent phishing attacks, account takeovers and cyberscams.
  • Quick and easy to set up and enrolment of users with free Password Reset OTP security included.

Building Customer Trust

Establishing trust when contacting customers can cause concern for both parties.

Understand more about:

  • Which simple attack causes the most damage
  • The ID dilemma for companies and customers
  • How to establish trust
  • Benefits of Two-Way ID

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    With Password Security Management, we can have absolute confidence that all our employees working anywhere in the world, are using fully compliant passwords that have not been compromised, whether through direct hacks, phishing, or malware. This is all without the need for helpdesk intervention and very little maintenance. PSM is an essential and integral element in safeguarding our employees, infrastructure, and assets.
    Senior Security Engineer