Save your resources
Slash your costs
Secure your identities

Whether you have 100 or 100,000 users, resetting passwords is costly.
Help your helpdesk.

How much will you save in a year?

Authlogics can significantly reduce your IT support costs and maintain lower password security expenses.

Just enter the number of users to discover your ROI.

Based on password reset calls costing approximately $70 USD and users requesting on average 2 password resets per year.

If you require a specific costing quotation, please contact our Sales department for further information.


Basic Support
  • Next business day response
  • Email interaction
  • Web interaction


Premium Support
  • 4 hour global response time
  • Telephone support
  • Remote hands
  • Priority call resolution is available for customers with critical systems.
Authlogics is a revolutionary technology that is neat, very different and simple, yet very effective. Our investment in Authlogics is certainly money very well spent and I can certainly say that I see and will continue to see its benefits over the years.
Manager of Information Technology
Orion Technologies