Versatile and Adaptable|

It is common for organisations to have a mixture of on-prem and Cloud applications making the need for authentication more critical across both.

Stay in control of your user data and avoid extra synchronising by investing in MFA that adapts to your requirements, giving you support for legacy on-prem applications and modern Cloud based protocols.

Allow seamless app integration without the need for custom proxy services. Have versatility everywhere while retaining a central point of management and control.

Customer Challenges

Password Breaches

Businesses are at risk of attack if passwords are breached.

Identity Verification

Customers find it challenging to prove their identity, impacting the customer experience.

Helpdesks Need Help

Password resets, and account lockouts are time-consuming and costly for helpdesk support.

Compliance Pressure

The requirement to comply with continuously changing regulations is time-consuming for IT departments.

Login Exhaustion

Customers find many authentication solutions overcomplicated.

Password Fatigue

With so many online accounts, users find passwords complicated and difficult to remember.

Wherever, Whenever

Logging in with no need for passwords, separate devices, or software apps creates the ultimate, simplistic deviceless OTP authentication process without the overhead of MFA and device management.

Secure user connection anywhere, anytime with Authlogics.

  • Unified access: To Cloud-based and On-Prem applications.
  • Streamlined and consistent user experience, including bulk user enrolment setup.
  • Direct online integration with quick software-only deployment.

Streamlined Flexibility

Cloud & On-Prem

Streamlined and self-managed software adaptable to all work environments.

Office 365

Provide a secure, trusted and consistent authentication experience across the entire enterprise.


Adaptable working requirements are met with easily managed and quickly deployed solutions.