Intercede announce the acquisition of Authlogics, providing strong authentication from Passwords to PKI.

What do we deliver?|

For forward-thinking enterprises who need to mitigate password risks and want to simplify and secure logins, Authlogics PSM and MFA are end-to-end password management and replacement solutions that are easy to use and deploy.

Unlike point-in-time password policy tools and traditional 2FA products, which supplement passwords, our solution quickly secures existing passwords with ongoing 24×7 monitoring and provides a path to remove them entirely with easy-to-use passwordless login alternatives.

Secure & Replace

Reduce the complexity and risk of existing passwords.

Regulatory Compliance

Comply with governing bodies and achieve best practice NIST standards.

Passwordless & Deviceless Authentication

Choice of multiple login processes adapted to your environment.

"We believe that moving away from password based authentication is inevitable and we aim to bring new solutions to our customers to increase employee productivity, save time and secure critical company apps, devices and data. We're inspired by our vision of replacing passwords - challenging ourselves to progress, to modernise, to innovate and to simplify."

Steven Hope, Product Director - MFA, Authlogics

Why choose Authlogics

Cater for all use case scenarios

Eliminate poor password practice

Multiple MFA options (factors, passwordless and deviceless)

Real-time reporting and live dashboard

Access to the largest enterprise-grade password breach database

Cost-saving remediation and brand protection alerts

Reduce IT support costs with user self-management

Secure Cloud & On-Prem apps with Single Sign-On

Rapid deployment and easy integration

Simple per user per year subscription with no hidden costs

Where can you find us?

Everywhere! Our customers can be found across the globe in a wide range of industry sectors ranging from:


Public Sector

Retail / E-Commerce

We cater for any size of company on a per user per license setup with NO hidden fees and the provision of either basic or premium support.

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Other MFA systems rely on the security of the device throught the generation of a One-Time Passcode (OTP), but we couldn’t depend on the mere generation of OTP for older devices. Authlogics addressed this need, especially with the help of PINgrid technology.
Director of the Digital Risk & Information Security Department