Deviceless access from the start|

Whether reacting to the consequences of a data breach or preparing to mitigate the risk of one, secure the login process from day ONE. Be proactive, not reactive.

Simple and easy to use, our passwordless and deviceless MFA authentication technologies are rapidly deployed, easy to implement and capable of bulk-user enrolment.

OTP: Easier than 1, 2, 3

Logging in with no need for passwords, separate devices, or software apps is the ultimate solution for simplistic deviceless OTP authentication without the overhead of MFA and device management.

Secure user connections anywhere, anytime with Authlogics.

  • Unified access: To Cloud-based and On-Prem applications
  • Streamlined and consistent user experience, including the bulk user enrolment setup
  • Direct online integration with quick software-only deployment.

DarkWeb Exposure Check

Concerned you have been breached?

Don’t panic. We can provide instant results, identifying the password risks your business has been exposed to.

Avoid excessive data breach fines by preventing poor password practice. Protect your business reputation.

Access the largest vendor-managed enterprise-grade password breach database to discover what damage has been done to your domain.

Keeping everyone safe, secure and happy!

Easy Enrolment

No disruption to staff or customers. Quick and easy software-only deployment and bulk user enrolment. Mitigate the risks of key logging and shoulder surfing by utilising frictionless passwordless and deviceless MFA.

Empower the End-User

Relieve the pressure on your IT helpdesk/support team. Give your end-users the ability to self-enrol, manage their own MFA devices (if required) and reset their AD passwords. Additional guidance and feedback are provided to achieve the ultimate secure logon.

Consistent User Experience

Secure access to both Cloud-based and On-Prem applications provides a consistent user experience and frictionless application access with Deviceless One Time Codes logins and risk-based step-up authentication.