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    5 billion compromised credentials

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    Data breaches come in all shapes and sizes.
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    To be held to ransom over your data is not a situation anyone wants to be in. Ransomware viruses seize critical data and demand extortionate payments to release the information. But be warned as there is no guarantee that the data has not already been released onto the dark web, exposing company credentials to cybercriminals.

    Phishing Attacks

    It's urgent, critical, and needs your attention immediately. The telltale sign of a phishing attack is when you're put under pressure to reply. Don't get caught. Discover how you can identify a phishing attack (blog link).

    Credential Stuffing

    The hackers have got your credentials and are now going to attempt to log into multiple accounts under the assumption that, like many businesses, your end-users reuse the same password. If they're right, this gives them access to highly sensitive accounts, including administration rights.

    Business Email Compromise (BEC)

    One of the most financially damaging online crimes triggered through our personal and professional emails.

    Account Takeover (ATO)
    & Keylogging

    With the main goal to commit fraud, cyber criminals acquire compromised credentials to takeover individual accounts and use them to leverage their access inside an organisation.

    Threat Actor

    This is a person, group or entity posing a security threat to your organisation. Also known as a malicious actor, their intentions are to harm your safety or security.

    Recent Data Breaches discovered in the
    Password Security Portal



    3.7 million users breached

    Brand New Tube


    350,000 subscribers breached



    700,000 users breached

    Amart Furniture


    100,000 records breached

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