Intellectual Property

The patents, designs and trademarks awarded to our in-house technical team are for our pioneering products that have been independently reviewed and penetration tested with highly positive results. Authlogics licences the usage and integration of our technology by 3rd parties and provides the usage rights under a straightforward licence agreement.


Authlogics is proud that the UK Intellectual Property Office granted us two patents (GB2488310 & GB2523885) for ‘A method and system for authenticating a user of a computerised system’.

The patents reflect the ground-breaking technology pioneered by the Authlogics team, which is making it possible for organisations around the world to protect their assets and provide their customers and employees with simple, memorable and secure multi-factor authentication, through the innovative use of a trusted pattern.

PINgrid is a technology that is protected by a collection of UK and European registered intellectual property rights including approved Patents, Registered Designs and Trade Marks. All of the listed IP is fully owned by Authlogics.

The PINgrid solution is an embodiment of the following UK patent-granted technologies:



The “PINgrid Grid” is a Registered and Published design approved by the European Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market which is The Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union – Design number: 002043687-0001.

The “PINgrid Grid” is also a Registered and Published design approved by the UK Intellectual Property Office under the registration number: 4025618.


Trade Marks

The following Trade Marks are registered with the UK Intellectual Property Office: