Easily manage your digital credentials with MyID|

Cybercriminals target large enterprises, often through their employee’s digital identities.

Lapsed credentials and weak passwords are all vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can expose and access your otherwise secure systems and data.

MyID® from Intercede is a feature-rich credential management solution which helps protect your digital identities from cyber-attack, quickly, easily and at scale, ensuring every user is whom they claim to be.

Trusted by Governments and Large Enterprises Worldwide

Deploy & Manage Devices at Scale

Use MyID to deploy user credentials to a wide range of devices including smart cards, USB tokens, like YubiKeys and mobile devices. Visibility of who issued what credential and when.

Complete Lifecycle Management

Manage the whole lifecycle of digital identity from enrolment to revocation, easily and quickly. MyID gives a full overview of credentials at any stage. Enable strong authentication for end users via their mobile devices without the need for additional hardware or software.

Easy to use
solutions for IT

Effortlessly manage a multitude of devices with the MyID Credential Management Platform, from Smart Cards, and VSCs to USB tokens, like YubiKeys. Provides strong authentication and role-based access control to operations enabling people to securely access protected systems and data. Manage who has what type of digital identity with role-based policies - easily and quickly with MyID.

How do I benefit?

82% of data breaches involved a human element

How do you protect your systems, data and employees from data breaches?

Manage who has digital identities and what they can do easily and quickly with MyID.

With MyID you can manage the full lifetime management of a digital credential from onboarding, issuing, and revoking.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Manage digital identities, enable passwordless strong authentication, and empower your users to securely sign transactions, encrypt emails and authenticate into the systems, applications, and networks they need access to.

Key MyID PKI capabilities include:

  • Issue cryptographically protected digital identities to individuals using public key infrastructure (PKI) to smart cards, USB tokens, smartphones and virtual smart card-enabled technology.
  • Configure certificate and device issuance policies, ensuring the right people receive the right digital identities.
  • Issue credentials via face-to-face, centrally or via self-service.
  • Provide high levels of user service, with simple process-driven features for help desks to issue replacement devices upon loss, or re-enable locked devices.
  • Maintain full auditability and reporting – allowing visibility of who issued which digital identities to which users and on what device, helping with external audits and compliance with identity management guidelines.
  • Enable strong authentication for end users via their mobile device without the need for additional hardware or server software.


Make sure everyone has the access they need with secure credentials issued to protect your systems from data breach.

FIDO from MyID offers strong crypto-backed authentication to protect against the threat of data breach.


  • MyID binds a FIDO key to a user at issuance, keeping a track of who has which FIDO credentials.
  • MyID provides a built-in FIDO-certified authentication server and integrates with your existing infrastructure by ADFS plug-in or OpenID Connect.
  • Lifecycle management capability, providing a single point to revoke, replace and set policies for end-user FIDO credentials.
  • Lifecycle operations are audited, providing visibility and reporting over management operations in addition to authentication operations.
  • Using IT-set policies, the MyID authentication service will determine how a user is allowed to authenticate and walk the user through the authentication process.