Authlogics Solutions

Authlogics provide end to end authentication allowing organisations to move away from password-based login mechanisms to a simplified passwordless world.

Our Password Security Management ensures your existing passwords and policies comply with the latest regulations and guidance whilst our Multi-Factor Authentication secures medium and high-risk end-points by adding an additional factor of security. Authlogics can assist by:

  • Removing / reducing the reliance on passwords
  • Relieve pressure on the helpdesk for password resets
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate risk
  • Provide flexible, secure and cost effective authentication options
  • Improve user and customer experience with memorable and simple logon

Password Security Auditing

The Authlogics Active Directory Password Audit solution is designed for CISO’s and network administrators who, for compliance and security reasons, need to know how vulnerable their network is to identity and password-based attacks and want a thorough report detailing the risks and issues. Book your Active Directory Password Audit today.

Password Policy Compliance

New legislation, including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and  NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation (23 NYCRR 500) has been introduced to help protect consumer information.  Do you comply with the latest regulations?

Password Breach Database

The Authlogics Password Breach Database is a large compilation of over 4 billion credentials which have been breached, this includes 1.2 billion unique clear text passwords. The database is hosted in the Cloud to allow for near real-time lookups and intensive data analytics.

Deviceless OTP

Are you looking to remove the password process but not endure the costs and complexities of a Multi-Factor Authentication system, then Deviceless OTP is the ideal solution as it delivers a One Time Passcode without the need for a separate physical device or a password.

Single Sign-On

Authlogics SSO tightly integrates with an Active Directory database of users and provides an Identity Provider for federation as well as a password vault. Find out more about SSO.

Cloud Protection

Removing passwords from the login process leads to cost reductions and a better experience for both users and customers. Authlogics provide solutions for both Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Amazon Web Services


Solve identity problems and reduce helpdesk call times with Authlogics Two-Way ID which comes at no extra cost as part of the Multi-Factor Authentication solution.  The Two-Way ID process incorporates Authlogics PINgrid to provide a cost-effective way to reduce overheads associated with identity verification.

Retail Banking

Authlogics for Retail Banking offers a single simple way to authenticate a customer in any situation ranging from Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, ATMs, Point of Sale, Telephone Banking, in Branch or for securing bank statements. Improve your security in the retail banking environment.

Transaction Verification

When  “something you know” and “something you have” simply isn’t enough, Authlogics allows for “something you are doing“. The ability to verify transactions is becoming even more critical when performing high-risk tasks such as authorising a payment.

Find out how our solutions can help you solve your authentication problems.