Do you find your IT security requirements becoming more and more complex. Do you need  to secure remote access from many different types of device? A growing number of users and different apps? Concerns about the suitability of passwords to secure access to enterprise information?

We provide a robust set of solutions to modern authentication and authorisation problems, using a cost effective, flexible approach to suit almost any requirement.

Multi-factor Authentication

The aim of deviceless or 1.5 factor authentication (1.5 FA) is to deliver a one time code solution without the need for a separate physical device. Traditionally all one time code systems had to be two factor solutions and the codes were displayed on the second physical factor.

In contrast, 1.5 FA does not require a PIN, password or second factor device at all. Instead a challenge is displayed directly on screen which only the user would know how to respond to; the response is a one time code.

Two Factor Authentication is usually defined by “something you know” and “something you have”. Often a security vendor will simply add a “something you have” as a band-aid on top of a PIN or password, and sell it as a 2FA solution.

We offer multiple 2FA solutions from industry standard OATH technology delivered via SMS/TEXT or soft token, phrase-based authentication as favoured by online banking websites, or our patented pass-wordless pattern-based solution.

The ability to use 3 factor authentication is becoming even more critical when performing high risk tasks such as online payments. When  “something you know” and “something you have” simply isn’t enough, transaction signing adds a factor of “something you are doing”.

Including a “something you are doing” factor into the equation ensures that the One Time Code you supply can only be used for the purpose it was intended for and can’t be used by somebody else pretending to be you for some other purpose.

Cloud and Single Sign-On

Complete access control can be compromised when migrating virtual machines containing critical parts of your infrastructure to cloud service providers.

Authlogics offers a robust and secure alternative by providing an integrated Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On solution which can protect your on-premises servers, your AWS hosted VM’s & applications, 3rd party cloud platforms and also the AWS Management Console.

The benefits of using Azure based services and Office 365 cloud software is well known and thus becoming more and more common. These systems often contain sensitive company information and communications such as email and documents.

The Authlogics solution provides secure authenticated access from inside and outside the network to cater for a multitude of scenarios, and integrates tightly with Microsoft ADFS to provide the greatest level of control, and to offer the widest compatibility with use case scenarios for stronger authentication.

Business to Customer

Have you ever received a phone call from somebody claiming to be from your bank or utility company? They say they can’t tell you anything until you give them answers to some security questions. How are you supposed to know if this is a legitimate phone call or just another social engineering scam to find out your personal information? Most of the time it is almost impossible to tell the difference before it is too late.

Two way Id provides both parties the assurance that they are speaking to the person or entity authorised to modify information or process a transaction. It creates vital trust over the phone or remote connection without divulging personal information to any party.

The retail banking industry uses a variety of methods to authenticate their customers; they vary from a simple username and password through to dedicated biometric hardware solutions. However these solution have limited success, yet create a poor user experience for customers.

Authlogics for Retail Banking offers a single simple way to authenticate a customer in multiple banking scenarios from online and telephone banking, hardware based solutions such as ATM / cash machines, and even bank statements.