Is your IT Security becoming more complex? Do you have users needing secure remote access from different devices? A growing number of users and different apps? Requirements for a more convenient customer logon experience? Our authentication solutions can help.

Adding layers and layers of complicated security can slow down, deter or even prevent customers or employees from doing what they want to do, which can ultimately hit revenue. With Authlogics solutions, employees are happier and more productive using a simplified logon for all their accounts and apps with a much reduced need for password resets. You can step ahead of competition by offering customers secure, trusted and convenient access to their information via Internet banking sites, online shopping, customer portals.

With data breaches making the headlines every day and your company information and reputation at stake, organisations have now recognised that it is critical to have the right safeguards in place to protect your data. If you remove the need for consumers and employees to remember a password, you also eliminate the requirement for such information to be stored, thus making it harder to steal or leak. In many industries where confidentiality and integrity are paramount, there is the added risk of non-compliance to security regulations.

Nowadays, customer experience is everything in business. Customers demand instant yet secure access to their information, convenience, zero downtime and a mobile experience on-the-go. Leading companies are looking for new ways to differentiate their brand from competition and technology innovations that will boost revenue. Furthermore, they are searching for ways to reduce inefficiencies and increase user productivity whilst at the same time deliver huge reductions in the operating cost of the IT helpdesk.