Authlogics Offers LinkedIn Corporation its PINgrid Solution Free of Charge to Protect Its Millions of Users from Future Password Attacks

Authentication Specialists Make Unprecedented Gesture to Business-Oriented Social Network

BRACKNELL, UK, 19h May 2016 – Authlogics, a specialist in multi-factor authentication, is today making an unprecedented gesture to LinkedIn Corporation, by offering its award-winning PINgrid solution free-of-charge, in order to safeguard its 100 million members from future password attack. The offer comes in the wake of an announcement this week that LinkedIn is still feeling the effects of a data breach which compromised member log-in details back in 2012.

The CEO of Authlogics, Steven Hope, states: “We have been impressed by the swiftness of LinkedIn’s response to latest revelations regarding this attack, and we would like to work together with them, to make ensure such an eventuality can never happen again.” He adds: “This case illustrates the need for organisations to be proactive in consigning passwords to history, for the sake of the security of their operations and protection of their customers and members.”

A big challenge in securing social networks is an always logged-in culture, as members favour the convenience of not having to remember their password. One side effect of this is that members rarely change their passwords, making them vulnerable if an attack does happen.  A further consequence is due to password replication when an organisation such as LinkedIn is compromised it can have much wider ramifications for other social networks.

PINgrid is an authentication technology that makes remembering a password a thing of the past. Imagine a password that changes every time you use it, but you always know what it is. It takes advantage of the mind’s hard-wired ability to remember patterns and shapes. It uses this handy human trait to provide a very robust, but brilliantly simple-to-use, logon system. PINgrid produces a one-time code (OTC) to prove who you are and all you have to remember is a simple pattern, no PINs or passwords. PINgrid keeps your pattern a secret by never revealing it when you log on. Each time you log in you enter a new code however your pattern remains the same and is secret to you.

Hope continues: “Authlogics is offering LinkedIn Corporation the opportunity to give every member the option to use PINgrid, enabling them to log-on quickly and securely from every device. What is more, we can offer the option to deploy as either a 1.5 or full two-factor authentication solution. We very much hope that they take advantage of this unprecedented offer.”