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How many of your company passwords have been breached?

With 50% more publicly breached passwords than HaveIBeenPwned, the Authlogics Password Breach Database contains over 4.5 billion breached credentials, including 1.3 billion clear text passwords; not just uncracked hashes.

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Password security so good it’s guaranteed

Worried about breached passwords? Need to reduce the costs of managing passwords? Want to improve the user experience of using passwords?

Authlogics Password Security Management stops breached passwords from being used and ensures existing passwords are safe. This frees users from having to continually change their password every 60 days to only when it is no longer safe to use.

Self-service capabilities enable users to reset their passwords or unlock their accounts themselves via a One Time Code from a browser or directly from the Windows logon screen.

We are so confident about our solution we guarantee to reduce your password security risk and helpdesk costs, or your money back!

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Less is More with Passwordless MFA

Given today’s threats to business which include phishing and ransomware attacks, deploying additional security measures beyond passwords is often critical. Multi-Factor Authentication solutions can help prove who we are, but most are difficult to deploy, hard to use and expensive.

Our Multi-Factor Authentication provides complete coverage of use-cases including passwordless logon and deviceless experiences. As there is no single silver bullet technology, which is why we provide our customers with choices of secure knowledge, biometric and physical factors to suit their requirements – mix and match any combination.

Security and simplicity can co-exist. Our customers trust Authlogics MFA to provide strong, modern logon security in any scenario.

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What are the risks of not locking your organisation’s front door?

The risk of financial penalties that can be imposed by regulators for data protection issues may grab the headline, however, Steven Hope, CEO of Authlogics stresses that the havoc that can wreaked upon an organisation, if the ‘bad guys’ can use the permissions and credentials of a breached password to access the network.

How has the market changed since NIST guidance in 2017?

Organisations are today better informed about following best practice frameworks in relation to passwords. However, there is still a common misconception that security needs to be difficult. Kamber Devjianie, Global Head of Sales at Authlogics, debunks this myth by explaining how it should be simple to deploy, simple to use and simple to maintain.

How has Authlogics adapted to the changing threat landscape?

When Authlogics started it quickly built a reputation in the multi-factor authentication (MFA) space and was one of the first pioneers of password less technology. CEO of Authlogics, Steven Hope, explains how today it is helping organisations around the world to make their passwords safe to use whether with or without MFA.

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