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Are you looking to protect, secure and manage existing passwords and adopt sophisticated additional layers of authentication?

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Intercede announce the acquisition of Authlogics, providing strong authentication from Passwords to PKI.

How secure are your corporate passwords?

Compare your credentials against 5 billion compromised username and password combinations.

Legacy Password Problems?

It only takes one weak password. Prevent your staff and customers from using breached passwords by accessing the world’s largest Password Breach Database.

Concerned about compliance?

Ensuring your password policies are compliant with regulatory bodies like NIST and GDPR can be challenging, complex and time-consuming. Maintain and adhere to all regulations with the assistance of Authlogics Password Security Management.

Be Bold - Go Passwordless

Our passwordless and deviceless authentication suite can be swiftly deployed to provide a simplified end-user experience. No expensive biometrics - re-use your BOYD biometric reader. No dedicated hardware. Launch your Multi-Factor Authentication in just one day.

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Are passwords necessary? It depends!

Passwords are problematic, too many to remember, easy to forget, and the weakest link for a data breach. Over 80% of data breaches are caused by weak, stolen, or reused passwords. Approximately 95 million accounts are attacked daily.

Every business functions differently. That's why Authlogics assists organisations with either managing complex passwords or removing them altogether - using alternative authentication methods to suit everyone's needs.

Password Security Management

Eradicate complex and breached passwords with simplicity and compliance.

Assess your password vulnerabilities

Access over 5 billion compromised credentials to find your weakest security links.

React immediately to protect and prevent

Detect shared and compromised passwords daily to reduce the risk of phishing and ransomware.

Power up your password policies

Maintain compliance and be audit approved with NIST, NCSC, CMMC and other relevant regulatory bodies.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Identity Management, Single Sign-On and password replacement.

Go Passwordless

Pick and choose from multiple passwordless MFA login options.

Log in anywhere on anything

Give your users the flexibility with secure access to both cloud-based and on-prem applications.

MFA in a day

In a hurry? Bulk user enrolments can be deployed quickly as an easy software-only installation.

Featured Case Study

We were impressed by the simplicity of the Password Security Management, coupled with the fact it is fully automated and provides audit reports, to ensure we are in adherence with the latest password best practice.
Operations Manager
NHS Salisbury Foundation Trust

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