Because passwords are no longer safe, company IT systems are constantly under attack. Authlogics helps IT managers improve security, whilst making it easier for users to access their information. Unlike other security companies who add complexity to your business, Authlogics allows you to move away from passwords while increasing your security posture and compliance to regulation.


The Digital Identity Guidelines developed by regulatory body NIST, requires the establishment of a foundation for secure, accurate identity proofing and fraud prevention. What if you could implement the necessary solutions that comply with these guidelines, as well as GDPR, PSD2 & NYDFS regulations, thereby mitigating the inherent vulnerabilities of online services?


Strong logon security is as critical as ever for any business given today’s threats, and with IT security budgets being stretched, ensuring the correct defences are in place can be challenging. What if you could cut costs, reuse existing investments and more widely utilise strong logon security all at the same time?


Traditionally administrators follow “best practice” for password security by making them long, complex and set to change regularly. Sadly, all this does is make them harder to remember but does virtually nothing to mitigate the real flaws. It translates to more user lockouts and forgotten passwords, not a more secure solution. What if you could remove passwords, while still ensuring a robust security model?

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We have a cost-effective per-user pricing model with no hidden charges. All of our products, including server software used in single or multiple server configurations, our logon agents as well as our soft token app are included in the price. Many of our features are configurable at a per-user level and we provide the ability for users to register multiple devices per account.

Our standard user licence offers basic next day support and for a small additional fee, we provide premium support with a 4hr global response time.