Multi Factor Authentication Solutions

All Multi Factor Authentication Solutions are not created equal. At Authlogics we pride ourselves on being different by offering multiple authentication factors and multiple technologies to provide you with a multitude of solutions to your authentication problems.

AuthentiDoc Document Security

Your information is critical, ensure it’s in the right hands. Encrypt Microsoft Office, PDF and ZIP files with One Time Codes without DRM.

Secure Azure and Office 365

See how our flexible authentication solution solves your Azure and Office 365 logon challenges with MFA and Single Sign-On.

21st Century Retail Banking

See how Authlogics solve authentication problems for the banking industry, while making life easier for their customers.

See PINgrid in action

Had enough of passwords, tired of clunky two factor key-ring tokens?
PINgrid is the answer!

PINgrid is a Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and transaction signing solution which uses pattern recognition in a grid to produce a One Time Code. All you need to remember is a shape on a grid instead of a PIN or Password, which is much easier for users to remember, can’t be stolen and doesn’t need to be written down.


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