Because passwords are no longer safe, company IT systems are constantly under attack. Authlogics helps IT managers improve security, whilst making it easier for users to access their information. Unlike other security companies who add complexity to your business, Authlogics allows you to move away from passwords while increasing your security posture and compliance to regulation.


Does your organisation struggle with a long list of compliance requirements such as GDPR, PSD2 & NYDFS etc? Like most companies, if you are using Active Directory alone your password policy does not comply with NIST SP 800-63B guidance.

Simplify complicated password policies and significantly improve password security while ensuring your Active Directory policy is safe and compliant with Authlogics Password Policy Agent.


Strong logon security beyond passwords alone is critical for any business given today’s threats. However, Multi-Factor Authentication does not have to be complicated and expensive to suit the myriad of ways we need to prove who we are.

Security and simplicity are not opposites, you can have both. Benefit from modern strong logon security anytime, anywhere with Authlogics Authentication Server.


Passwords are everywhere, even though they are typically not welcome. Even the most “secure” password can get locked out, forgotten or compromised – it is only a matter of time.

Our Authentication Suite provides a password-less logon experience, which doesn’t involve expensive biometrics or dedicated hardware, while still ensuring a robust security model.

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We have a cost-effective per-user pricing model with no hidden charges. All of our products, including server software used in single or multiple server configurations, our logon agents as well as our soft token app are included in the price. Many of our features are configurable at a per-user level and we provide the ability for users to register multiple devices per account.

Our standard user licence offers basic next day support and for a small additional fee, we provide premium support with a 4hr global response time.