Breached Passwords and Euros Football

What can breached passwords tell us? With the Euros underway, they can tell us to stop and think

Here at Authlogics, we’re extremely privileged to have access to a cache of password-related data. The Password Breach Database is a treasure trove for security analysis, allowing us to use the 1 billion unique clear text passwords to develop trends and patterns found in data breaches that have exposed passwords, allowing us to make inferences..

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Reflecrtion Prediction Blog

Reflection & Prediction

No-one could have predicted how 2020 was going to pan out when we welcomed the new year in all those months ago before lockdowns and remote working were part of our daily setup for this year.  Many industries have struggled throughout but the technology sector and in particular cybersecurity have never been so busy (well..

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VIDEO: Explaining 3FA

Last week I posted a video explaining Authlogics approach to 1.5FA. This week, I want to talk about 3FA which is an extension of 2FA (something you have and something you know)  by the addition of something you are doing that is specific to a task, typically known in the industry as transaction signing.

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VIDEO: Understanding 1.5FA

Way back in December 2012, I met with a journalist in London to introduce the concept of 1.5FA. Roll forward four years and I find myself still having similar conversations. Organisations are desperately looking for a more flexible approach to how they deploy authentication. There are instances where 2FA and 3FA are a requirement (it may be..

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Why are you still using passwords?

In his latest video blog, Kamber Devjianie from Authlogics talks about the multi-factor alternatives available on the market right now, that can enable you to free your customers, clients, employees and IT department from password-based authentication. He explains single-sign-on, the use of biometric readers on smart devices as a method of convenience rather than security and introduces PINgrid a viable alternative to passwords.

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