Passwordless Authentication

People find password complexity requirements challenging and time-consuming.  Passwords are hard to remember, expensive to reset and password managers are not as effective as they make out to be.

Does anyone like passwords? Hackers love passwords! It is their key to accessing businesses through password-based attacks that include phishing, credential stuffing, and BEC (Business Email Compromise) attacks.

What if the password was removed? It has already been proven that 99% of cyberattacks have been avoided where MFA has been enabled. Without a password, you could reduce your helpdesk ‘password reset’ calls and costs, increase your employee productivity, increase your IT security, keep identities safe, allow a better user experience and provide alternative choices of login when opting to go passwordless.

Authlogics provide a user-friendly passwordless login process that can be promptly deployed allowing users to verify their identity within seconds. As well as meeting compliance expectations, passwordless authentication with Authlogics offers simple secure protection.

That’s why we believe (and know) passwordless authentication is the future.

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Reduce Company Costs

Helpdesks will no longer need to reset passwords and unlock accounts which will alleviate IT support costs with an average saving of $20 per support case.

Future-proof your login

Ensure your login is simple and secure. 

Trustworthy authentication that prevents malicious activities whilst managing the identity lifecycle.

Empower the End-User

No need for IT administration intervention, delegate the account control to the end-users. With access to a user self-service portal, users can become self-sufficient.

Benefits of going Passwordless

  • Multiple passwordless login options – no password needed
  • Can work 100% Offline
  • Deviceless OTP Authentication
  • Secure access to both Cloud-based and On-Prem applications with a consistent user experience.
Multi-Factor Authentication Comparison Chart
  • Simplify access with Single Sign On (SSO) to multiple applications
  • Reduce helpdesk burden and empower users to enrol and manage their MFA devices and reset their AD password.
  • Solution for Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Amazon Web Services

How does it work?

Step 1: Identify those that will benefit from going passwordless
Step 2: Enable MFA for the agreed users and apps
Step 3: Activate the User Self-Service Portal
Step 4: Go Passwordless!

We offer a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL that demonstrates the ease of use, protecting users and applications with connections on any device or corporate network. Seamlessly integrated without disturbing the user experience, introduce your workforce to a secure login without impacting legacy frameworks. No obligations, don’t delay, trial Authlogics today!

Ditch passwords, step into the future and modernize the workforce.