Authlogics Multi-Factor Authentication

Authlogics MFA is a complete and easy to deploy Multi-Factor Authentication, Identity Management, Single Sign-On and password replacement solution for on-premises and Cloud applications. Manage user identities, assign applications to users and choose from multiple authentication technologies a user can use to prove who they are; all without a password.

Fewer passwords: Most MFA solutions only provide a 2nd factor of authentication and rely on a legacy password as the 1st factor. Many organisations are struggling with password-based security however simply adding a 2nd-factor bandage isn’t good enough. Authlogics can secure existing passwords as well as provide MFA that does not require a PIN or password at all.

More use cases: Our unique Deviceless OTP technology sets us apart as we provide One Time Code security without the overhead of MFA and device management. This can be stepped up to full MFA per-user or per-application as needed with consistent user experience.

More choices: Authlogics MFA provides many authentication factors and technologies to choose from which include combinations of “something you know“, “something you have“, “something you are” and “something you are doing“.

Product Benefits

  • Remove the risk of a Phishing, dictionary or brute force attack with multiple Passwordless MFA logon options.
  • MFA in a day – Quick and easy software only deployment and bulk user enrolment.
  • Reduce helpdesk burden and empower users to enrol and manage their MFA devices and reset their AD password.
  • Flexible Token options with multiple MFA technologies and 10 token devices per user.
  • Secure access to both Cloud-based and On-Prem applications with a consistent user experience.
  • Frictionless application access with Deviceless One Time Codes logins and risk-based step-up authentication.

How does Authlogics MFA compare?

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Azure AD
Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication
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Deviceless Authentication
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Multiple tokens per user
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User Self Service Portal with AD password reset
Authlogics TickCompetitor CrossCompetitor CrossCompetitor TickCompetitor CrossCompetitor Tick
Emergency Override Access (lost token)
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Authlogics Authentication Technologies


PINgrid is a simple-to-use but robust authentication technology which uses a secret user-generated shape or pattern to generate a one time code. Your pattern remains secret but the code it generates changes every time you logon.


PINphrase challenges the user to provide random characters from a memorable phrase previously provided by the user. PINphrase is the only off-the-shelf solution that enables an organisation to implement the ‘memorable information’ form of authentication, popularised by retail banks.


PINpass is a simple to use OATH compliant two-factor authentication used to implement a 100% standard security solution. Use PINpass to provide One Time Pins on the go without the cost and complexity of hardware token OATH or OTP solutions.


In addition to supporting PINgrid and PINpass, the Authlogics Authenticator Mobile App integrates with device biometrics to provide a ‘something you are‘ factor. It is compatible with face and fingerprint on iOS and Android devices and can be centrally enabled via policy.

USB Hardware Token

Yubikey 5

Yubikey prevents unauthorized access by requiring the physical presence of the key to log in to a device. YubiKey can be configured as ‘something you have‘ as part of a traditional multi-factor authentication process, or as password replacement, or a mixture of both.

SMS & Email

iPhone 7 PINpass 2 Factor Authentication Pre-Send

SMS/Text and email delivery of codes is a very common MFA method despite NIST downgrading SMS OTP security level to “Restricted” due to its exposure to public phone networks. Authlogics can send PINgrid, PINphrase and PINpass codes/challenges over SMS and has built-in support for many international SMS gateway providers.

Authentication Technology vs Factors

Authlogics Multi-Factor Authentication works with multiple and complementary authentication technologies. Use PINgrid, PINphrase, PINpass, Biometrics or Yubikey to deliver Single-Factor, Deviceless OTP or Multi-Factor Authentication in multiple combinations to total flexibility. Standard PIN codes and Active Direcotry passwords are also supported.

For example, 3 Factor Authentication can be achieved by requiring PINgrid on a Mobile App with biometrics enforced. In this case, the pattern is ‘something you know’, the phone is ‘something you have’ and the biometric is ‘something you are’ – all without a password.

Getting Started

The requirements for using Authlogics Multi-Factor Authentication are:

  • Installing the Authlogics Authentication Server are as follows:
    • Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2 or 2012
    • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Deploy any required system agents

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