Authlogics AI Winner

Winners Again!

Authlogics are celebrating for the second year running being awarded “Best Password Compliance Specialist 2020” at the AI CyberSecurity Awards. Authlogics provides customers with unique solutions that help them transition from weak and vulnerable passwords to always compliant and unique ones. Our Password Security Management (PSM) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) suite provides a comprehensive suite..

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PRESS RELEASE: Authlogics for Retail Banking Provides Single Platform for Multi-Factor Authentication Across Internet, Mobile, Telephone, ATM and Point of Sale

Replace Hard-tokens and Passwords with 1.5 Factor Authentication (1.5FA), 2FA and 3FA BRACKNELL, UK, 24th October 2016 – Authlogics has today announced the launch of its multi-factor authentication platform for retail banks. Authlogics for Retail Banking enables banks to provide customers with highly secure, convenient and consistent authentication for accessing online, mobile and telephone banking..

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