Authlogics whitepapers offer detailed insights into our solutions and offerings to help you gain a better understanding of what we can do for you.

MFA Whitepaper

What makes a true Multi Factor Authentication solution?

This paper brings much needed attention to what truly makes a Multi Factor Authentication, well, Multi Factor.

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Office 365 Whitepaper

Authlogics for Azure and Office 365 Whitepaper

Detail how Authlogics adds real value to Azure and Office 365 above and beyond the Microsoft MFA offering.

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Two-Way ID Whitepaper

Authlogics Two-Way Identification

Finally, a simple way to prove who you are to somebody over the phone, and you an be sure of who they are too. Call and end to endless pointless questions taking up valuable time to try to convince somebody you are who you say you are.

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Reducing Helpdesk Costs Whitepaper

Reduce Helpdesk Costs using PINgrid

Learn more about how PINgrid can be used to increase service and helpdesk functions as well as reduce operational costs associated with these functions within an organisation.

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Matrix Pattern Authentication Whitepaper

Matrix Pattern Authentication – more than a mind game

Find out more about the many studies and experiments that have been performed by Neuroscientists around how humans memorise and recall information.

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CoCo compliance Whitepaper

Achieving GCSx CoCo Compliance with Authlogics

Government Connect (CoCo) is a UK pan-government program providing an accredited and secure network between central government and every local authority in England and Wales. See how PINgrid can help with your compliance requirements.

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Remote Desktop Agent Whitepaper

Authlogics Remote Desktop Agent

Learn how we can help bridge the gap between Remote Desktop and your Security Policy.

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Problem with Passwords Whitepaper

The Problem With Passwords

Authenticating people to computers and services is a classic case of human versus machine interaction, coupled with a security problem. Here we discuss the problem, common attempts at solutions and how Authlogics’ PINgrid solves this problem.

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Operation High Roller Whitepaper

The low down on Operation High Roller

Operation High Roller was a sophisticated attack on 60+ banks customer accounts via Internet Banking. Learn how it all went wrong and how to prevent it happening again.

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Secure Authentication Whitepaper

How Secure is your Authentication?

Compare the merits and vulnerabilities of 1.5 Factor Authentication technologies available on the market today.

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