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The Authlogics Journey

Password security issues are a known cause of countless company breaches. Yet, many organisations still rely solely on passwords. Authlogics can take you on a journey of securing your existing passwords, adding mult-factor authentication and finally replacing passwords entirely.

Password Security Management

Password Security Management is a comprehensive real-time solution to ensure that user passwords comply with regulations and that they have not already been compromised on the web.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Authlogics Multi-Factor Authentication is a highly scalable enterprise-class solution for secure login and password replacement. Benefit from a simple and consistent user experience across applications, platforms and locations.

Passwordless Windows Desktop Access

Windows Desktop Logon removes the need to enter a password during the CTRL+ALT+DELETE Windows logon process, and improve logon security by adding multi-factor authentication to all versions of Windows.

Authlogics for Azure and Office 365

The Authlogics solution for Azure and Office 365 provides secure authenticated access from inside and outside the network to cater for a multitude of scenarios beyond what Microsoft provides. Use our Multi-Factor and password security management solutions to provide secure, convenient access to your critical company information stored in the Microsoft Cloud.

Authlogics PINgrid

PINgrid is a robust pattern-based authentication and transaction signing solution that’s uses our ability to remember patterns or shapes to generate one time codes.

Authlogics PINphrase

PINphrase is a user friendly, sentence or phrase based authentication type where users provide single characters from an answer to a well known question only they know.

Authlogics PINpass

PINpass is a standards-based OATH compliant authentication solution which uses one time codes generated on a separate device, usually in conjunction with a password.