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Datasheets - Authlogics Password-less Windows Desktop Access

Authlogics Password-less Windows Desktop Access not only adds Multi Factor Authentication security to the OS logon process, it also does away with the old AD password entirely. Free yourself from Active Directory passwords today.

Datasheets - Azure Office 365

The Authlogics solution for Azure and Office 365 provides secure authenticated access from inside and outside the network to cater for a multitude of scenarios. Stop relying on passwords to secure access to your critical company information stored in the Microsoft Cloud.

Authentication Server 3.0

The Authlogics Authentication Server 3.0 is a true Enterprise-class solution scaling from stand-alone installations to highly available multi-master integrated deployments. 3 factors, 3 logon types, unlimited possibilities.

Datasheets - PINgrid

PINgrid is a multi-factor authentication and transaction signing solution used to transform any mobile device into a soft-token replacing passwords with a memorable pattern that automatically generates an OTP.

Datasheets - PINphrase

PINphrase is the only off-the-shelf solution that enables an organisation to implement the ‘memorable information’ form of authentication, popularised by retail banks.

Datasheets - PINpass

PINpass turns any mobile device into a token by sending a six to eight digit OTP to it via SMS or email

Datasheets - AuthentiDoc

Authlogics AuthentiDoc provides a simple way to encrypt Microsoft Office, PDF and ZIP files without the uses of passwords or complex DRM systems. It can also turn a piece of paper into a hardware 2FA token.

Company Snapshot

Datasheets - Company Snapshot

Authlogics provides B2B and B2C clients with a fresh alternative to traditional authentication and transaction verification methods. It’s also about solving day to day problems with proving who you are in any situation.

We believe in simplicity, which is why we are easy to do business with. Security is at its best when it is not complicated which makes for a better end user experience. We stand out from the rest with fresh thinking.

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