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Password security issues are a known cause of countless company breaches. Yet, many organisations rely solely on passwords to keep their business secure. In an attempt to upgrade security, some have turned to 2-factor authentication; however, this method still often relies on passwords as the 1st factor.

Authlogics Authentication Server Thumbnail

The Authlogics Authentication Server provides a secure interface to manage, and authenticate users against identity information stored securely in Microsoft Active Directory or SQL Server, locally or from cloud-based applications.

Authlogics for Azure and Office 365 Datasheet Thumbnail

Our Azure and Office 365 solution provides secure authenticated access from inside and outside the network to cater for a multitude of scenarios. Use our Multi Factor and password replacement solutions to provide secure, convenient access to your critical company information stored in the Microsoft Cloud.

Password-less Windows Desktop Access Thumbnail

Windows Desktop Logon removes the need to enter a password during the CTRL+ALT+DELETE Windows logon process, and optionally gives the ability to improve security by adding multi factor authentication.

Password Policy Agent Datasheet Thumbnail

Password Policy Agent(PPA) uses a mixture of a rules engine, custom blacklist, heuristic scanning and a dynamic cloud-based password blacklist database to provide complete detection of unsuitable passwords.

PINgrid Datasheet Thumbnail

PINgrid is a robust pattern-based authentication and transaction signing solution that’s uses our ability to remember patterns or shapes to generate one time codes.

PINphrase Datasheet Thumbnail

PINphrase is a user friendly, sentence or phrase based authentication type where users provide single characters from an answer to a well known question only they know.

PINpass Datasheet Thumbnail

PINpass is a standards-based OATH compliant authentication solution which uses one time codes generated on a separate device, usually in conjunction with a password.