Authlogics Authenticator Mobile App

The Authlogics Authenticator Mobile App turns your mobile device into a convenient, simple to use and highly secure Multi-Factor Authentication token. This removes the need to carry things like key fobs, hardware tokens, card readers, USB devices or remember multiple PINs or passwords.

The Authenticator Mobile App is available on all major app stores and once installed it runs 100% offline without the need for a  data connection to the server. One-Time Passcodes can be generated using either OATH based PINpass or our intuitive pattern-based PINgrid technology and further secured with device biometrics.

iPhone XR PINgrid
iPhone XR TouchID FaceID


  • Self service enrolment via QR code
  • Custom logo branding capable
  • Biometrics aware (face and fingerprint)
  • Works 100% offline, no data connection required
  • Uses PINgrid and PINpass technology
  • Copy OTP to clipboard
  • NIST and OATH (Open AuTHentication) compliant (RFC 4226 & 6238)
  • Available from all major app stores

Self Service Enrolment

The Authenticator Mobile App links directly with a user account to provide a secure ‘something you have’ factor. A user can set up their device themselves via the User Self Sevice Portal by scanning a QR code. Full instructions are in the self-service guide available from the portal login page.

Once up and running the Mobile App can be used for PINgrid or PINpass, with or without biometrics.

NIST Compliance

The Authenticator Mobile App adheres to NIST SP 800-63B guidelines in the following categories:

  • Section 5.1.2 – Look-up Secret (When used with PINgrid)
  • Section 5.1.4 – Single-Factor One-Time Password (OTP) Device
  • Section 5.1.5 – Multi-Factor OTP Device (When used with device PIN or Biometrics)


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