Try the PINgrid internet banking demo in your browser, or connect to our Window Desktop Login demo via a remote desktop connection.

NB: Please review the How to use PINgrid section below to be able to enter the correct password when logging into either demo.

Banking Demo
Deviceless Login

Try the PINgrid internet banking demo in your browser. Open the online banking demo and click “Sign in to our demo site”. Use demouser as the username, and generate a one time password using the grid that is created.

Connect to our Window Desktop Agent demo via a remote desktop connection. An RDP file will be downloaded to your computer. Being a Remote Desktop Connection session using this file. Login using demouser and a one time password from the grid supplied on the login screen.

How to use the demo PINgrid logon

PINgrid Memorable
PINgrid Simple
PINgrid Secure

1. Use the pattern above which has been created for the user demouser.

2. A grid with a unique set of numbers will be created for you

3. In the password field, enter a 6 digit code by choosing the numbers from the grid that match the pattern in step 1