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Authlogics provides award-winning enterprise-class password security, compliance and authentication solutions which are quick to deploy and easy to manage.

  • Real-time breach and shared password checking
  • Retro-active scanning and automatic remediation
  • Dual Database: Authlogics + Have I Been Pwned
  • Phishing & Keylogging protection
  • Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Exceed NIST SP 800-63B compliance requirements

How Authlogics solves your Active Directory password problems

Authlogics Password Security Management (PSM) is an auditing, real-time protection and remediation solution designed to ensure that your passwords are safe, secure, and comply with regulations. It protects against common identity-based attacks (e.g. phishing, keylogging, etc) and reduces the password burden for users.

PSM goes beyond NIST SP 800-63B policy guidance by validating password changes in real-time as well as retrospectively. It is non-intrusive, quick to deploy and includes a combination of granular policy controls, a rules engine, a custom blacklist, and heuristics. The solution is powered by the Authlogics Password Breach Database which contains over 2 billion breached credentials and 520 million clear text passwords to keep your Active Directory safe and compliant, as well as Have I Been Pwned.

  • Real-time and retrospective protection from breached and shared passwords.
  • Phishing, dictionary or brute force attack protection.
  • Automatically fix effected accounts.
  • Simple password policy to reduce helpdesk costs and improve productivity.
  • Dual Database protection with Authlogics Password Breach Database and Have I been Pwned.
  • Self Service Password Reset with real-time password policy compliance feedback and built in One Time Code security.
  • Audit for, Alert on, and Comply with NIST SP 800-63B, CMMC, SAMA, NCSC, GDPR etc.

What is the state of your Active Directory?

An Authlogics Password Security Audit will tell you everything you need to know about how vulnerable your Active Directory credentials are, and includes detailed spreadsheets and management reports for you to keep.

As a special time-limited offer to Troy Hunt followers, we are offering a free no-obligation AD credential audit. Simply fill in the details to secure your slot.

  • Locate known breached passwords
  • Find accounts sharing the same password
  • Takes minutes, not days – no brute forcing
  • Per user spreadsheet breakdown
  • Credential Audit and Risk report
  • Find people using AD passwords on social media
  • Passwords & hashes never leave your network
  • NIST SP 800-63B compliance status

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    Password Policy Compliance with NIST SP800-63BAuthlogics TickCompetitor CrossCompetitor TickCompetitor TickCompetitor TickCompetitor Tick
    Self-Service Portal with built-in via 2nd factor OTP resetAuthlogics TickCompetitor TickCompetitor CrossCompetitor CrossCompetitor CrossCompetitor Tick
    Shared password detection and protectionAuthlogics TickCompetitor CrossCompetitor CrossCompetitor CrossCompetitor CrossCompetitor Cross
    Optional Desktop Agent for password change feedbackAuthlogics TickCompetitor CrossCompetitor CrossCompetitor CrossCompetitor CrossCompetitor Tick
    Automatic Active Directory account remediationAuthlogics TickCompetitor CrossCompetitor TickCompetitor CrossCompetitor CrossCompetitor Cross

    Password Security Management Components

    Password Breach Database

    Active Directory Password Auditing

    Pre & Post Password Change Protection

    User Self Service Portal

    The Authlogics Password Breach Database consists of over 2 billion breached credentials and is continually updated. The Authlogics Password Security Portal provides an insightful view of the public breach data relevant to your organisation constructed using AI and BI logic from multiple data breach sources.

    Active Directory has existed for decades and likely contains very old and breached passwords. Password Security Manager performs a detailed Active Directory password audit of the existing data and provides a detailed per-user report including dormant accounts, accounts with breached passwords and passwords shared within and outside of the network.

    Password Security Management can automatically locate, alert and remediate AD user accounts which already have breached or shared passwords without waiting for the next password change. When a new password is created, PSM uses a combination of a rules engine, custom blacklists, heuristic scanning and the Password Breach Database to ensure weak passwords are rejected.

    The included Self Service Portal empowers users to manage their own account so that they can reset their own password and unlock their own account. This cuts helpdesk call volumes and costs while improving user productivity. The portal works on desktop and mobile devices and has built-in One Time Code protection for added security.

    Are your details one of the 2 billion credentials in our Password Breach Database?