Remote Desktop Agent

Authlogics Remote Desktop Agent improves the security of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services by adding multi-factor authentication to the remote desktop protocol logon process.

Out of the box, Remote Desktop Services uses standard forms based authentication which requires users to enter their Active Directory username and password to gain access. While the Remote Desktop functionality provides many business benefits, many IT security departments face the issue that it does not include any built in Two Factor Authentication (2FA), and therefore doesn’t meet the security requirements defined by their company’s policy, especially when being accessed remotely.

Organisations can use Authlogics Remote Desktop Agent together with Authlogics Authentication Server to providing the missing authentication layer to meet internal security requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Enables Remote Desktop to comply with corporate 2FA remote access policies
  • Quick deployment
  • Seamless integration with Authentication Server deployments
  • Supports both 1.5 and 2 Factor Authentication
  • No additional authentication server changes needed
  • Un-obtrusive change, style looks and feels consistent
  • Provides PINgrid, PINphrase and PINpass functionality in a single agent

Getting Started

The requirements for installing and using Remote Desktop Agent are as follows (for more information see the Integration Guide) :

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