PINpass provides simple to use, multi-factor authentication for organisations looking for a standard OATH compliant security solution. Use PINpass to provide one time codes on a separate device without the cost and complexity of traditional hardware token solutions.

One time codes are provided via the free Authlogics Authenticator soft token app, by SMS/TEXT or email. Users are provisioned and managed using Authlogics Authentication Server.

How it works

PINpass uses two unique and separate factors: The ‘something you have’ is in the form of a standards compliant (RFC 4226 & 6238) random One Time Pin (OTP); sent to a mobile device via SMS or email, or accessed totally offline via the Authlogics Authenticator App. The ‘something you know’ can either be a user selected static PIN number, or an existing Active Directory password which saves the user from having to remember an additional code; or don’t use a password at all with OTP only mode.

iPhone 7 PINpass 2 Factor Authentication

The Authlogics Authenticator App can generate a new 6, 7 or 8 digit OTP every minute. The App does not require any connectivity to function and runs 100% offline which is ideal for travelling users or areas where there is limited connectivity. The Authlogics Authenticator App is available from all app stores.

iPhone 7 PINpass 2 Factor Authentication Pre-Send

The Authlogics Authentication Server can generate 6, 7 or 8 digit OTP’s which are delivered to users in Real-Time or Pre-Send configurations without the requirement for a mobile app. Real-Time OTP’s are sent one at a time, and only when the user needs to log in. Pre-Send OTP’s are sent initially when the user is first enabled for PINpass, and then after the last Pre-Send OTP has been used. These tokens can be delivered via SMS/TEXT or email.


  • Replace traditional hardware tokens with the free Authenticator app available in all app stores
  • Use as a password replacement together with Windows Desktop Logon Agent
  • Improve security when accessing internal & Cloud-based applications such as Office 365
  • Deliver one time codes via SMS/TEXT, email or using the soft token app
  • No connectivity required. Work 100% offline with pre-sent codes via email or SMS, or use the soft token
  • Cost effective batch sending of codes when using SMS
  • Works with Authlogics Authentication Server to provide Emergency Override  Access, and AD password resets.
  • Integrate into Active Directory without schema modifications, or setup users in a SQL Database
  • OATH, HOTP & TOTP (RFC 4226, 6238) compliant. FIPS 198 & 180-3 compliant cryptography

PINpass is part of Authlogics Authentication Server. Click Download to start a free 30 day trial.