PINpass provides simple to use, multi factor authentication for organisations looking for a 100% standard OATH compliant security solution. Use PINpass to provide one time codes on a seperate device without the cost and complexity of hardware token solutions.

One time codes are provided via the free Authlogics Authenticator soft token app, by SMS/TEXT or email. Users are provisioned and managed using Authlogics Authentication Server.

How it works

PINpass uses two unique and separate factors: The ‘something you have’ is in the form of a standards compliant (RFC 4226 & 6238) random One Time Pin (OTP); sent to a mobile device via SMS or email, or accessed totally offline via the Authlogics Authenticator App. The ‘something you know’ can either be a user selected static PIN number, or an existing Active Directory password which saves the user from having to remember yet another code; or don’t use a password at all with OTP only mode.

iPhone 7 PINpass 2 Factor Authentication

The Authlogics Authenticator App can generate a new 6, 7 or 8 digit OTP every minute. The App does not require any connectivity to function and runs 100% offline which is ideal for travelling users or areas where there is limited connectivity. The Authlogics Authenticator App is available from all app stores.

iPhone 7 PINpass 2 Factor Authentication Pre-Send

The Authlogics Authentication Server can generate 6, 7 or 8 digit OTP’s which are delivered to users in Real-Time or Pre-Send configurations without the requirement for a mobile app. Real-Time OTP’s are sent one at a time, and only when the user needs to logon. Pre-Send OTP’s are sent initially when the user is first enabled for PINpass, and subsequently after the last Pre-Send OTP has been used. These tokens can be delivered via SMS/TEXT or email.


  • Requires no hardware tokens

  • Securely logon on to Windows Desktops
    while in or out of the office

  • Highly competitive pricing –
    especially compared to hardware

  • Emergency Override Access

  • Secure access to internal &
    Cloud-based applications

  • OATH, HOTP & TOTP (RFC 4226, 6238)

  • Real-Time or Pre-Send token
    delivery via SMS or email

  • Free Authlogics Authenticator download from all major mobile app stores

  • Active Directory or LDAP database
    storage (no schema extensions)

  • RADIUS & Web Services interface for
    universal integration

  • Rapid user provisioning
    (thousands in an hour)

  • Web based Operator portal for
    help-desk day-to-day operations

  • Self service password reset

  • Leverage existing Active Directory
    password or use a static PIN

  • FIPS 198 & 180-3 compliant cryptography



The Authlogics Authenticator App generates offline OTPs for any time, anywhere on the go codes.

Real-Time OTP token sending ensures codes are only sent when they are needed. Whereas Pre-Send OTP token sending helps to overcome the limitations of inadequate mobile coverage or data connectivity for SMS or email delivery. Administrators can configure up to 10 Pre-Send tokens to be delivered in a single message to reduce delivery costs, and to ensure that the user has enough tokens on hand before requiring connectivity again.

Cost Efficient

Batch sending one time codes greatly reduces the number of SMS messages sent, which can cut ongoing SMS delivery costs up to 90%.

The Authlogics Authenticator App totally removes all SMS delivery costs and is a free download from all major App Stores.

Leveraging existing Active Directory infrastructure and mobile devices requires no additional management overhead.


Administrators can allow users to use their Active Directory password instead of a static PIN which is rarely every changed. Furthermore the PIN can even be entered at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the OTP, making it more difficult to differentiate between the OTP and the PIN to thwart key loggers.

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