Authenticator Soft Token

The Authlogics Authenticator Soft Token is a free application that turns any mobile device or PC into a multi factor token. It is available on all major app stores, as well as an application for corporate managed deployments to desktops. Once installed the token runs 100% offline and does not need a data connection to the server.

The Authenticator Soft Token can be configured with multiple profiles to generate NIST compliant one time codes using PINpass, and our intuitive pattern-based PINgrid technology.

Use the Authenticator Soft Token with Authentication Server to deliver secure multi factor, passwordless and single sign-on solutions.

Authenticator Soft Token


  • Free on all major app stores
  • Available on iOS, Android, as well as BlackBerry and Windows Phone
  • Deploy as an application to desktops
  • Works 100% offline, no data connection required
  • No seed files or complicated deployment
  • Multiple profiles and authentication types per user
  • NIST and OATH (Open AuTHentication) compliant (RFC 4226 & 6238)
  • Transaction signing


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