ADFS Agent

Authlogics ADFS agent integrates directly with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services, providing a increased security over password-based authentication methods by allowing multiple risk-appropriate methods of multi-factor authentication. Secure your Cloud and on-prem applications with passwordless and deviceless authentication mechanisms. Where cost are a concern or a separate physical device is not feasible, a soft token based Multi-Factor solution, or a deviceless logon technology from Authlogics is the answer .

Click the following link to find out more about how ADFS Agent secures access to Azure and Microsoft Office 365.

Features and Benefits

  • Add simple Multi-Factor Authentication to most Cloud services
  • Support for Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Google Docs, Salesforce etc.
  • Seamless integration with “Modern Authentication” in office applications
  • Many benefits over Microsoft MFA offering

Getting Started

The requirements for installing and using ADFS Agent are as follows (for more information see the Integration Guide) :

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