Authentication Technology

Use our award winning authentication technology to create secure Multi-Factor Authentication, password replacement and cloud single sign-on solutions.

We provide comprehensive device-less (1.5 factor), multi-factor and transaction signing (3 factor) Multi-Factor Authentication technology. We overcome common issues and frustrations with password-based security, by offering innovative password compliance and replacement solutions. We provide enhanced integration and single sign-on capabilities to improve security for cloud based logon in environments such as Microsoft Office 365.

Authentication Products

Use our flagship Authlogics Authentication Server product together with our free Authenticator soft token app to provide robust Multi-Factor Authentication in desktop or cloud logon environments.

Authlogics Authentication Server is modern, cost effective authentication server solution enabling secure access from the desktop, over the phone, on the web or on your device.

Authlogics Authenticator soft token is a free, fully featured app that turns any mobile device or PC into a standards compliant soft token, used for multi factor authentication and transaction signing.

System Agents

Our logon agents enhance existing logon processes, improving logon security by adding device-less or Multi-Factor Authentication, and by reducing costs and improving user experience through password replacement.

The Desktop Logon agent is a plug in for Windows which secures the CTRL+ALT+DEL login process with either 1.5 or 2 factor authentication. It is fully configured and deployable via AD Group Policy and can be used on desktops, laptops and servers. Desktop Login Agent allows users to work remotely from the office, or even when totally offline.

The Remote Desktop Agent sits on top of the default login website to provide Multi Factor authentication into Remote Desktop Services. Easily deployed through an installer, the RDA can be used with any Authlogics authentication technology, and provides users with a familiar PINgrid experience.

Password Security Management works with your Active Directory domain controller to stop weak passwords before they start, by intelligently checking local rules and blacklists, as well as a cloud database of over 350 million previously compromised passwords. Use Password Security Management to improve security and reduce user frustration whilst complying with NIST SP 800-63 and other regulatory requirements.

Authentication Types

Our products use one of three different authentication types to solve any issue that may occur for different authentication and logon processes. We have a solution to meet requirements for standards compliant Multi-Factor Authentication, user friendly password replacement or device-less 1.5 factor cost driven scenarios.
Authentication types can be enabled on a per user basis and are all included as part of our per user licencing model.


PINgrid is a robust pattern-based authentication technology that’s uses our ability to remember patterns or shapes to generate one time codes.


PINphrase is a user friendly, sentence or phrase based authentication type where users provide single characters from an answer to a well known question only they know.


PINpass is a standards-based OATH compliant solution which uses one time codes generated on a separate device, usually in conjunction with a password.

Our authentication technologies can be combined with most authentication factors, however there are some exceptions. Here all all the supported combinations:

Factor vs Technology
Deviceless / 1.5 Factor Authentication
2 Factor / Multi-Factor Authentication
Transaction signing