Authentication Agents

The Authlogics server connects with various systems via Authentication Agents. An agent is a way for the Authlogics server to speak the language of a 3rd party product/solution you would like to enhance with strong authentication. These Authentication Agents get things up and running quickly and safely.

Remote Desktop Agent

The Remote Desktop Agent sits on top of the default login website to provide 2 Factor Authentication into Remote Desktop Services. Easily deployed through an installer, the RDA can be used with any Authlogics authentication technology, and provides users with a familiar PINgrid experience.

Windows Desktop Logon Agent

The Windows Desktop Logon Agent is a plug in for Windows which secures the CTRL+ALT+DEL login process with either 1.5 or 2 factor authentication. It is fully configured and deploy-able via AD Group Policy and can be used on desktops, laptops and servers. Desktop Login Agent allows users to work remotely from the office, or even when totally offline.

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