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Lower the calls and costs to your helpdesk

Being locked out of an account and requiring a password reset can be time-consuming for the end-user and costly for the company.  Up to 50% of helpdesk calls are password-related and at an average cost of $70 per call, helpdesk support becomes very expensive if each user makes an average of 4 calls per year just for their passwords.

Empowering the end-user to manage their own accounts allows the helpdesk to focus on main IT infrastructure problem-solving. The Authlogics User Self-Service Portal reduces the helpdesk burden and allows users to reset their own AD password as well as enrol and manage any MFA devices.

Password Reset

How Authlogics can help

  • Quick and easy to set-up and enrol users.
  • Prevents phishing attacks, account takeover and other cyberscams.
  • Flexible reset – users can reset their own AD passwords from anywhere, anytime on any device.
  • Free Password Reset OTP security included.
  • Installs trust with helpdesk identity validation – even over the phone.
  • User secret never revealed (compliant with NIST SP 800-63B “Look-Up Secret”).

Prove who you are

How can you be sure it is your helpdesk calling? How can your helpdesk be sure they are speaking to the actual end-user? Confirming identities is challenging for both the employee and the company.

Authlogics can solve the identity over the phone problem with Two-Way ID which is included within Authlogics Multi-Factor Authentication. Companies can significantly cut call times, increase security and ease frustration when using Two-Way ID whilst customers protect their identity and eliminate the risk of user impersonation.

In less than 1 minute, both parties can validate their identities by simply confirming a unique OTP via PINgrid after which they can proceed with the purpose of the call.

Improved Authentication

Leverage Multi-Factor Authentication over the phone so both parties know with confidence who they are talking to. This increased security is vitally important given the commonplace phishing attacks and cyber scams.

Built-in Security

During the Two-Way ID process with PINgrid the customer’s secret pattern is never given away. The help desk agent does not have any access to it and neither does anybody listening in on the call.

Cost Reduction

A lot of time is needlessly spent by both customers and help desk staff confirming identity. These processes are slow, flawed and not cost-effective. Authlogics Two-Way ID dramatically reduces overheads associated with identity verification.

How Authlogics Two-Way ID works

Jane from Acme Bank needs to call a customer, Bob, to discuss something on his account. With Two-Way ID, the phone call would go something like this…

Bob receives a phone call from his bank so he opens up his Mobile Banking App to view his PINgrid. On Jane’s system, she can see only the top line of the PINgrid which is displayed on Bob’s phone. Jane reads out these numbers to Bob who checks if they are correct on his phone. If they match, Bob will know for certain that Jane is indeed a person calling from his bank.

Now that Bob trusts Jane is calling from the bank, Jane can ask Bob for his PINgrid code which is easy since Bob is already looking at a grid. Bob recalls his pattern in his head, looks at the grid and reads the One Time Passcode to Jane. Jane simply enters this code into her system and if the system says the code is correct, Jane can be sure that Bob is indeed Bob.

This simple process takes a few seconds, not a few minutes, and means that Bob isn’t frustrated and Jane can get through many more calls in her day all while maintaining a very high level of security.

Two-Way ID

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