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Calling a helpdesk

Think about when you last called your bank or electric company to discuss your account and ended up at a call centre. You know who you are calling at as you dialled the number, but they don’t know who you are. You end up being asked a series of questions, like your mother’s maiden name and favourite sports team, to which the answers are probably on Facebook, or they ask you for a password you set up 5 years ago and have no idea what it is. Either way, once you eventually “get through security” a long time has passed.

If you call the help desk of your company how do they know it’s you calling? In very small companies may be the single IT person knows you personally and recognises your voice, but what about larger companies. Many internal helpdesks do not even attempt verification as they have no means to do so, whereas others are so cumbersome that staff simply avoid calling.

Calling a person back

Have you ever received a phone call from somebody claiming to be from your bank or electric company? They say they can’t tell you why they are calling until you give them answers to some security questions. How are you supposed to know if this is a legitimate phone call or just another social engineering scam to find out your personal information? Most of the time it is almost impossible to tell the difference before it is too late.

Authlogics can solve this identity over the phone problem which significantly cuts call times and frustration levels, and also increases security. Authlogics Multi-Factor Authentication includes Two-Way ID and is available to all customers at no extra cost.

Improved Authentication

Leverage Multi-Factor Authentication over the phone so both parties know with confidence who they are talking to. This increased security is vitally important given the commonplace phishing attacks and cyber scams.

Built-in Security

During the Two-Way ID process with PINgrid the customer’s secret pattern is never given away. The help desk agent does not have any access to it and neither does anybody listening in on the call.

Cost Reduction

A lot of time is needlessly spent by both customers and help desk staff confirming identity. These processes are slow, flawed and not cost-effective. Authlogics Two-Way ID dramatically reduces overheads associated with identity verification.

How Authlogics Two-Way ID works

Jane from Acme Bank needs to call a customer, Bob, to discuss something on his account. With Two-Way ID, the phone call would go something like this…

Bob receives a phone call from his bank so he opens up his Mobile Banking App to view his PINgrid. On Jane’s system, she can see only the top line of the PINgrid which is displayed on Bob’s phone. Jane reads out these numbers to Bob who checks if they are correct on his phone. If they match, Bob will know for certain that Jane is indeed a person calling from his bank.

Now that Bob trusts Jane is calling from the bank, Jane can ask Bob for his PINgrid code which is easy since Bob is already looking at a grid. Bob recalls his pattern in his head, looks at the grid and reads the One Time Passcode to Jane. Jane simply enters this code into her system and if the system says the code is correct, Jane can be sure that Bob is indeed Bob.

This simple process takes a few seconds, not a few minutes, and means that Bob isn’t frustrated and Jane can get through many more calls in her day all while maintaining a very high level of security.

Two-Way ID

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