Cloud Protection


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a market leading cloud provider used by many organisations for application and server hosting both applications and servers. Locating corporate infrastructure offsite, outside of the local network, with third-party management introduces new risks that need to be mitigated.

Authlogics for Amazon Web Services provides comprehensive Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On capabilities for infrastructure located on AWS.

Utilising public cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Office 365 have many business advantages compared to traditional on-prem solutions, however, they also create more opportunity for intruders to access critical corporate information. Adding Multi-Factor Authentication is critical to improving the security of these applications, but can create complex and varied authentication processes within an organisation.

Find out how our solution provides secure, trusted and consistent authentication experience across the entire enterprise.

Azure & Office 365 Datasheet

Cloud Authentication Considerations

Authentication for the Cloud is critical as more and more applications and services are being provided as a service. However, there are a few key things to think about when it comes to login security and the Cloud:

  1. Where are your primary user account currently located, e.g. your directory. On-prem or in the public Cloud?
  2. Where is most secure and regulatory appropriate location to run your authentication? On-prem or public Cloud?
  3. Where are the applications you want to secure? On-prem or in the public Cloud?

Most organisations start with an on-prem directory, typically this is Microsoft Active Directory (AD). AD is often replicated to Office 365 or Azure to allow for migrations to Microsoft Cloud services, however AD is usual still the primary directory. Further synchronising can be problematic and are generally avoided.

While authentication services can run in the public Cloud it often requires extra on-prem software to synchronise directories and proxy on-prem requests to the Cloud. If access to the Cloud becomes unavailable are you willing to be locked out of on-prem apps too?

It is very common for organisations to have a mixture of on-prem and Cloud applications, and this is not likely to change for a very long time so any MFA solution must be able to cater for both.

Authlogics uses your existing on-prem Active Directory to avoid extra synchronising and to keep you in total control of your user data. The Authlogics authentication services can run on-prem or in a private Cloud and are well suited to virtualisation. This provides service availability everywhere while retaining a central point of management and control. All services support traditional on-prem protocols and modern Cloud based protocols for seamless app integration without the need for custom proxy services.

On-prem or in the Cloud? Authlogics can provide for either.