Secure access to Office 365 and Azure services

Azure and Office 365 provide access to and store confidential company information hence secure access to them is critical. The Authlogics solution provides secure authenticated access from inside and outside the network to cater for a multitude of scenarios; e.g. Azure administrator access, Mobile device sync, Outlook client connectivity or simple browser access to OWA or SharePoint.

The Authlogics solution for Azure and Office 365 integrates directly with Microsoft ADFS to provide the greatest level of control, and to offer the widest compatibility with use case scenarios for stronger authentication. It allows you to reap the benefits of Single Sign-On to Azure, Office 365, and any other Cloud provider which supports SAML 2.0.  You decide which applications must use improved authentication and from where.

Since there is an On-Premise Authentication Server working with ADFS, you can also use Authlogics with On-Premise services such as Network Access Control, VPN & Wireless access (RADIUS), Remote Desktop Services or even to secure Windows Desktop logons.

Multi-Factor Authentication to suit your needs

Multiple Factors

Why settle for a single authentication factor when you can have multiple?

Our device-less 1.5 Factor Authentication is a patented One Time Code system that does not require a second physical device. When 2 Factor Authentication is a requirement, we allow you to seamlessly step up to email, SMS/TEXT and our free fully featured Authlogics Authenticator soft token.

Multiple Technologies

We have an authentication method to suit everybody, at a per user level, all included in a single per user licence fee.

Authlogics gives you flexibility with PINgrid, PINphrase and PINpass authentication technologies. You can choose which ones to use per user, and change whenever you like.

Multiple Clients

Enabling Multi Factor Authentication with Office 365 works great with a Web Browser, but what about accessing services with an App?

Authlogics is fully compatible with OAuth 2.0 based Modern Authentication applications such as Microsoft Office, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, ActiveSync and Workplace Join.

How it works

Authlogics integrates directly with Microsoft ADFS to provide maximum flexibility when integrating with Office 365 and Azure services.

ADFS with Office 365

Authlogics ADFS Agent with Office 365 authentication workflow

Office 365 Clients and Apps

The client side of Office 365 is often overlooked but is vitally important. When you enable Multi Factor Authentication with Office 365 (from any vendor), by definition, you make a username and password only combination redundant. As such, any client application that asks for and remembers a password will no longer work. Microsoft has addressed this issue with “Modern Authentication” which is built into all the Office desktop apps (Office 2013 and higher).

When required, the office app, e.g. Outlook, will present a mini web browser view of a logon page allowing for a new logon process which includes Multi Factor Authentication – including Authlogics. From a user’s perspective, it is similar to how a Microsoft Account works with consumer based services.

Modern Authentication is already built into many Microsoft applications including Outlook, Skype for Business, Active Sync and Workplace Join.

iPhone PINgrid web logon 4

Feature Comparison

Microsoft’s MFA solution is primarily built around the OATH One Time Pin standard used by most vendors (including Authlogics PINpass). It also supports “Push” notifications via a mobile app.

Microsoft includes a limited version of their MFA solution (Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365) with all Office 365 SKUs which covers some basic scenarios. Furthermore, Microsoft offer a more feature complete version of their MFA solution (Azure Multi-Factor Authentication) which is available as part of the more expensive Azure AD Premium and Enterprise Mobility Suite services.

Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365 is limited to Office 365 applications only and administered via the Office 365 portal, so if you require secure Single Sign-On to other cloud providers or On-Premise applications this is not an option. For those features you will need to upgrade (for a fee) to Azure Multi-Factor Authentication which gives you “One-Time Bypass”, reporting, and allows you to install an On-Premise server (essentially the recently purchased Phone Factor product). The down side to this is that you need to administer the On-Premise and Cloud offerings separately as there is no integration.

Feature \ Solution
Azure MFA
MFA for Office 365
Multiple authentication technologies
1.5 Factor Authentication option
Mobile App token
Real-Time SMS token delivery
Pre-Send SMS token delivery
Email token delivery
3rd Party Cloud support
On-Premise app support
Self Service AD password reset
Emergency Bypass Codes
2FA PIN option
Authentication SDK
Web API (100% automation)
Uses AD as a database (no syncing)
Log on to Windows Desktops
Data compiled based on public information research Feb-Mar 2017.