Authlogics for Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a tier 1 Cloud provider to which many organisations turn for hosting applications and servers. A very common early step for a company’s transition to “the Cloud” is to spin up a virtual network, connect it to the LAN and then start migrating on-premises servers to new private Cloud VM’s. Before you know it a large chunk of infrastructure is no longer in the building behind the beloved firewall, it is now just “up there somewhere” being managed by somebody.

Having stringent control over who can access server based resources, particularly by administrators is critical. Unfortunately administrators are often just as bad as users in the way they manage their passwords; in some cases worse. If an administrative credential is miss-managed then the entire infrastructure is at risk, furthermore it leaves the integrity of auditing in tatters. With regulation and compliance having such a high profile (GDPR the latest) this is not a good scenario to be in.

Amazon Web Services

The Authlogics Advantage

While some Cloud hosting provides do offer some level of basic 2FA for accessing the cloud management tool set, they are usually very limited in in scope. Firstly they don’t offer a password replacement solution, and typically just augment the password with a One Time Code (OATH) sent over TEXT or on a mobile app. Secondly they don’t provide any integration into the actual OS of the servers you are migrating which does nothing to solve the accountability problem in the audit logs.

Authlogics brings an end to this chaos by providing an integrated Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On solution which can protect your on-premises servers, your AWS hosted VM’s & applications, 3rd party cloud platforms and also the AWS Management Console.

Multi Factor Authentication & Single Sign-On everywhere

Private Cloud

Secure access to VM’s and applications in the private cloud hosted by AWS.


Traditional on-prem network infrastructure, servers, desktops, as well as mobile laptops and tablets can also be secured.

AWS Management

Protect admin level access into the AWS Management Console to ensure safety and accountability.

Up and running in no time

The Authlogics solution is available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) via the marketplace as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI). The AMI is a preconfigured Virtual Machine running Windows Server 2016 and the Authlogics Authentication Server 3.0 to get you up and running in no time. Follow the simple guide to deploy the AMI in your AWS hosted environment to get Authlogics MFA protecting your cloud.

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