View our videos to gain insight into common authentication problems and discover how to overcome them with effective techniques and solutions. Also available via our YouTube Channel.

Is your Authentication really 2FA?

View our recorded webinar from 4th Nov 2015 where Steven Hope, CEO Authlogics explains why the OATH standard is only 1 Factor. Why choose between one and 2FA when you can also have 1.5 and 3FA?

Introduction to PINgrid

PINgrid is an authentication and transaction verification method which uses pattern recognition in a grid to produce a One Time PIN. All the user needs to remember is a pattern of squares on a grid which research shows is easier than remembering a PIN or password.

Why the Time Has Not Yet Come for Biometrics

CEO, Steven Hope explains why the time has not yet come for Biometrics, as he joined leading privacy, identity and security experts from across Europe to present at Building Trust in a Hyperconnected World, an event hosted by EEMA and OASIS at the EMEA Headquarters of CA Technologies, Ditton Manor on 8-9 July 2015.

The Reinvention of Authentication

What if there was a password that was easy to remember, but changed everytime you used it?

Presented by Steven Hope to a packed house of more than 110 people, on Tuesday 29th April in the Business Strategy Theatre at Infosecurity Europe 2014 in London.

The hard truths about soft token 2FA

Find out more about the hard truths about soft tokens and the improvements we can make to current authentication offerings, presented by Steven Hope at Infosec 2013 in London.

Implementing two-way authentication for better customer experience

When calling a customer it can be just as important for the organisation to authenticate itself to the customer as it is for them  to authenticate themselves. Steven Hope from Authlogics introduces an innovative new approach to two-way authentication.