Use Cases

Our Use Cases demonstrate the capabilities that our authentication solutions can provide for our customers.  Authlogics have a broad customer base that operate in varying public and private sectors.

Smart City, Saudi Arabia

The demand for secured authentication has become apparent and the need for Smart City users to navigate themselves around a technology advanced city becomes more prevalent. Users would require identity access to all areas ranging from entering parking lots and buildings to making use of the city’s municipality mobile and web app to request and track basic services and other cloud and web apps.

South Africa Mine (Helmet)

A mine in South Africa wanted to use heads-up display visor in workers helmet. These helmets use a voice-enabled android based app to show the task list to the users. The application works with their Active Directory to authenticate users. The main problem was to authenticate the users securely as using the voice to input the password is not secured.

National Bank of Kenya

National Bank of Kenya had a major breach on their corporate network in early 2018. Breach was caused due to weak authentication and resulted in millions of shillings lost and reputation tarnished. NBK did intend to use multi factor authentication technology however, it was not a priority. Towards the end of 2017, NBK approached Authlogics to help them secure their Windows Desktops, network devices as well as core banking systems. With the occurrence of breach, the board pushed the use of stronger authentication to increase the security and fulfil the international and local compliance.

Telecom Regulatory Authority, Oman

TRA have been coming across suspicious activity on their network and felt their systems were not secured. They were using simple passwords authenticate across all their systems. Their priority was to secure their Windows Desktop computers and network devices for all of their 300 users.

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