Simple per user pricing with no hidden costs

We like to keep things simple and we are sure you do to, that is why we provide a simple per user pricing model with no further hidden costs. You can install as many copies of our Authentication Server for regional or high availability as you like. All our agents are available to use too, as well as our mobile Authlogics Authenticator app.

We put the customer in control of the number of users via a simple monthly subscription model (minimum of 12 months) which can be deployed on-premises or hosted in the cloud.

What’s Included with each product?

Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Authlogics Authentication Server in single or multiple server configurations
  • All System Agents
  • Authlogics Authenticator mobile token
  • Deviceless, SMS/TEXT, software and hardware token support
  • Multiple authentication technologies (PINgrid, PINphrase, PINpass & Yubikey)
  • User Self Service Portal – Token setup
  • Product updates and upgrades
  • Basic Support – Next business day response, email and web interaction

Password Security Management

  • Authlogics Authentication Server in single or multiple server configurations
  • Domain Controller Agent
  • Active Directory Password Audit tool
  • Authlogics Password Security Portal access
  • NIST SP 800-63B compliant Active Directory
  • One Time Code for AD password reset
  • User Self Service Portal – Password changes
  • Product updates and upgrades
  • Basic Support – Next business day response, email and web interaction

An optional upgrade to Premium support with 4 hour global response time, telephone support, remote hands, priority call resolution is available for customers with critical systems.

How much does it cost?

Our solution scales from small business to large enterprise deployments and the pricing also scales with it. For pricing information over 500 users please contact or one of our global partners who would be happy to assist you. The following prices are per user per month based on a 12 month commitment.

ProductEvaluation (Unlimited Users)Up to 10 Users (Limited Support)Up to 500 Users (Basic Support)Up to 500 Users (Premium Support)Over 500 Users
Authlogics Multi-Factor AuthenticationFREE for 30 DaysFREE£2.00 / $2.70 / €2.40£2.50 / $3.38 / €3.00Contact us
Authlogics Password Security ManagementFREE for 30 DaysFREE£1.00 / $1.35 / €1.20£1.25 / $1.69 / €1.50Contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Password Security Management (PSM) products sold separately?

Yes. While MFA and PSM are highly complementary each requires their own separate licence.
The Authlogics Authentication Server and Domain Controller Agent provide the required functionality depending on the installed licence.

Is there an extra cost of running the solution on multiple servers?

No. We charge a per user licence which allows organisations to run the solution on any number of servers. This makes high availability deployments straight forward.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. All our authentication technologies, mobile apps and system agents are included in the licence.
There is however an optional additional charge per user for Premium support.
Sending tokens via SMS/TEXT will incur a small cost but it billed by the SMS provider, not Authlogics.

Are users restricted to use the same MFA technology everywhere?

No. You can mix and match the use of technologies and tokens on different apps and systems, or use one throughout. It’s completely flexible. A user can even have multiple configured at a time.

What support is available with the free 10 user licence?

The free 10 user licence includes limited support via email only with no guaranteed response time, however our online support and knowledge base are available to assist.

Have any questions? Contact us. We’re happy to help.