Simple per user pricing with no hidden costs

We provide a simple, per user pricing model with a charge per user with no further hidden costs. Multiple deployments of Authentication Server, as well as Windows Desktop Login, Remote Desktop Login, Password Policy Agent , cloud single sign-on and use of our Authenticator mobile app are all included in the per user price.

We put the customer in charge of controlling the number of users through a simple monthly subscription model (minimum of 12 months). The solution can be installed on-premises or hosted in the cloud.

What’s Included?

  • Use of Authlogics Authenticator soft token from all major app stores
  • User provisioning and management via MMC snap-in and Operator Portal
  • Fully automated web APIs & SDKs
  • Reset Windows AD Passwords, unlock Windows accounts and enrol soft-tokens through self-service portal
  • Basic Support – Next business day response, email and web interaction only.

Premium support – 4 hour global response time, telephone support, remote hands, priority call resolution – also available at an additional cost per user.

Cost per user per month

Pricing becomes more cost effective per user when more user licences are purchased. Preferential pricing and NFR licences are available for managed service providers and partners. The Authentication Server Suite includes the Password Policy Agent.

Authentication Server SuiteEvaluationUp to 50 UsersUp to 250 UsersUp to 1000 Users
Per User Licence including Basic Support30 Day FREE£2.50 / $3.63 / €3.25£1.75 / $2.54 / €2.28£1.23 / $1.79/ €1.60
Per User Licence including Premium Support30 Day FREE£3.37 / $4.90 / €4.39£2.36 / $ 3.43 / €3.08£1.66 / $2.42 / €2.16
Password Policy Agent (Standalone)EvaluationUp to 50 UsersUp to 250 UsersUp to 1000 Users
Per User Licence including Basic Support30 Day FREE£1.25 / $1.82 / €1.63£0.88 / $1.27 / €1.14£0.62 / $0.90/ €0.80
Per User Licence including Premium Support30 Day FREE£1.69 / $2.46 / €2.20£1.19 / $ 1.71 / €1.54£0.84 / $1.22 / €1.08

Password Policy Agent Basic Edition does not include product support, heuristic scanning or cloud blacklist protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are users restricted to use the same token on all apps?

No. You can mix and match the use of tokens on different apps or use one throughout. It’s completely flexible.

Is there an extra cost of running the solution on multiple servers?

No. We charge a per user licence which allows organisations to run the solution on any number of servers. This makes high availability deployments straight forward.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. All our authentication technologies, soft-tokens, logon agents and development kits are included in the user licence.
There is an additional charge per user for Premium support.  Sending tokens via SMS will incur a small cost (billed by the network provider).

Have any questions? Contact us. We’re happy to help.