Authlogics for UK Government: G-Cloud

A transparent and quick route to public sector procurement

The UK Government created the G-Cloud platform in 2012 in response to a firm commitment for government departments to go digital and transform the relationship between citizen and state. G-Cloud offers public sector organisations the means of procuring technology services cheaper, faster and more transparently in a UK public sector market space that encompasses 36,000 organisations, from central Government to local authorities, the NHS, schools, universities, blue light services and other public bodies.

Our Managed Service partner and Official Crown Commercial Supplier partner, Amicus ITS, joined the G-Cloud framework in 2015. Authlogics Password Security Management & Multi-Factor Authentication solutions were added to Amicus ITS’ raft of cloud service offerings in 2018 on G-Cloud.

HM Government

Why use G-Cloud for procurement?

G-Cloud offers a clear shop window directly for public sector customers to browse and interrogate their desired services. The service information is fully detailed, with pricing to hand. Our Managed Service partner Amicus ITS, has completed all the rigorous compliance and due diligence steps required by the CCS to enable this convenient ‘off the shelf’ purchasing.

Amicus ITS

Authlogics service features and benefits on G-Cloud

Traditional passwords are no longer safe, IT systems are constantly under attack. Authlogics solution delivered through Amicus ITS helps IT improve security and make it easier for users to access to their information. Given that over 80% of users tend to share passwords between websites, a breach on the web could have a direct impact on a company’s internal systems. Ensure your passwords are NIST SP 800-63 compliant with Authlogics Password Security Management.

Strong logon security beyond just passwords is critical for any business given today’s threats. Authlogics provides four Multi-Factor Authentication technologies which provide traditional One Time Pins, through to Deviceless OTP logon with 100% offline functionality.

Authlogics can also transition you away from passwords to remove the password security problem entirely.


  • Cloud Password Breach Database of over 2 billion breached credentials
  • Negate password dictionary and brute force attacks
  • Granular AD Group Policy based password complexity controls
  • Intelligent heuristics scanning and custom blacklists
  • No desktop software required
  • Simple transition to passwordless desktop and cloud user experience
  • Deviceless OTP and Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Single-sign-on to Office 365, Google and other Cloud-based software
  • User self-service with AD password reset
  • Identify theft security / non traceable One Time Passcode


  • NIST SP 800-63, ISO27001 and GDPR compliance by default
  • Seamless and non-intrusive user experience
  • Risk appropriate authentication beyond knowledge-only solutions
  • No more passwords. Remove the source of the problem.
  • Fully customisable Cloud API integration
  • 30% cost savings on Service Desk password reset tickets
  • Improves efficiencies in time and resource management
  • Mitigates risk: flexible, highly secure cost saving authentication option
  • Highly cost effective versus traditional token-based systems
  • Simple per user subscription licensing

Guidance for buying off G-Cloud?

This is a cloud support service and you will be buying the solution through our CCS partner, Amicus ITS as they are the official IT Managed Service Provider for this unique solution on the G-Cloud framework.

Our service detail is available here, along with the full-service definition and pricing detail, but your process of service selection needs to demonstrate traceable audit tracking, showing your search terms, shortlisting approach and there is advice available about asking any clarification questions. See the G-Cloud Buyers Guide.

Amicus ITS will refer any calls about service enquiries that arise through G-Cloud directly through to Authlogics. We look forward to talking with you soon and supporting your organisation to stay secure.

To find out more about Authlogics Licences on the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace contact Amicus ITS:
Ben Davis | | +44 2380 429429