Case Studies

Organisations that have chosen Authlogics authentication solutions include public and private sector organisations operating in the finance, legal, government and healthcare sectors. Here’s what some of our customers say:


King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)
Higher Education

KFUPM were looking for a solution that would secure their resources and protect from cybersecurity threats and phishing attacks in particular.

“Other MFA systems rely on the security of the device throught the generation of a One-Time Passcode (OTP), but we couldn’t depend on the mere generation of OTP for older devices. Authlogics addressed this need, especially with the help of PINgrid technology.”
Yasser Ghaleb Alothman, Director of the Digital Risk & Information Security Department, KFUPM

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Hospital & Healthcare

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust deploys PINgrid 1.5 Factor to replace time-consuming and convoluted hard tokens.

“We had total confidence in replacing our hard-tokens with a 1.5FA solution and we would encourage other NHS Trusts to explore this approach.
Matt Connor, IT Operations Manager Webber, Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital NHS Trust”

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
Hospital & Healthcare

NHS Trust turns to Authlogics to simplify their password policy and improve logon security.

“We were impressed by the simplicity of the Password Security Management, coupled with the fact it is fully automated and provides audit reports, to ensure we are in adherence with the latest password best practice.”
Richard Gibson, Operations Manager, Informatics at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust


Beyond Trust - Privileged Access Management
Computer & Network Security

When BeyondTrust needed to find a way of enforcing NIST SP 800-63B compliant passwords company-wide, it turned to Authlogics. Its Password Security Management ensures every password is strong, complies with the latest best practice guidance, and has never knowingly been compromised.

“With PSM, we can have absolute confidence that all BeyondTrust employees working anywhere in the world, are using fully compliant passwords that have not been compromised, whether through direct hacks, phishing or malware.”
Michael Abadeer, Senior Security Engineer, BeyondTrust

Orion Technology

Orion Technologies
Defense Contractor Supplier

Orion Technology used Azure MFA with Active Directory and whilst this proved sufficient for cloud-based applications it lacked the MFA necessary when physically logging in to Microsoft Windows.

“Authlogics is a revolutionary technology that is neat, very different and simple, yet very effective. Our investment in Authlogics is certainly money very well spent and I can certainly say that I see and will continue to see its benefits over the years.”
Sofiane Salaoudji, Manager of Information Technology, Orion Technologies

St. Petersburg City Council

Major US City Council depends on PINgrid to secure remote access to key resources.

“The solutions we looked at were not straightforward, elegant, nor in a small enough form factor to make us feel comfortable in choosing any of them. That is until we found PINgrid.”
Brian Campbell, Information Technology Security Officer, City of St. Petersburg

JM Finn & Co
Investment Management

PINgrid makes it easy for investment managers to trade wherever they are without additional hardware.

“PINgrid is by far the best secure VPN solution we have ever seen, evaluated or implemented. It combines ease-of-use with its highly secure patent-approved algorithm, ticks all the boxes and allows the FCA to sign-off on the security aspects.”
Jon Cosson, Head of IT at JM Finn

Webber Wentzel
Law Practice

Major South African law firm depends on PINgrid to secure remote access to sensitive client documents.

“Of all the products we looked at, this was the only one where we knew we’d be happy to use it to provide access to sensitive client documents and information. It seemed to pick up where competing products left off.”
Pierre Liddle, IT Information Security Risk Manager, Webber Wentzel

Taylor Wessing
Legal Services

With a view that passwords should not feature in the future of its security and authentication procedures, the IT department at Taylor Wessing took an innovative step.

“Authlogics’ PINgrid was by far the most useful product that we looked at during our time at the show.”
Stuart Walters, IT Director, Taylor Wessing

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