Authlogics Windows Desktop Logon Agent 4.0

The Authlogics Windows Desktop Logon Agent provides a simple, reliable way to replace the Windows password during the CTRL+ALT+DELETE process when logging onto legacy Windows workstations and servers, without impacting the Windows security model. It can also be use to improve security by adding Multi-Factor Authentication to the Windows desktop logon process.

Installation and deployment can be fully automated and the agent continues to work in offline mode when disconnected from the network. Active Directory Group policy provides flexible, centralised management together with the Authlogics Authentication Server.

To secure Windows 10 & 11 systems and to provide users with password change feedback see the updated Windows Desktop Agent 4.1.

Features and Benefits

  • Replace or augment the AD password with MFA
  • Location based MFA enforcement
  • Work anywhere with 100% offline support
  • Supports PINgrid, PINphrase, PINpass and Yubikey authentication types in Deviceless OTP or MFA
  • Support for Windows 7, 8.x and 10, as well as Windows Server 2008 R2 to 2019
  • Centralised management and installation using AD Group Policy
  • Automated password randomisation option per user
  • No impact on Windows security model: no need to reauthenticate to access network resources
  • RSA 2048bit public/private key encrypted offline cache
  • Remote login and offline cache sync over the Internet

How It Works

The Windows Desktop Logon agent is a lightweight software component that installs on Windows desktops and servers to significantly improve the logon security and experience of Windows. The agent supports all the use case scenarios which Windows supports with a password, e.g. online, offline and network access. It caches MFA logon metadata from the Active Directory to allow users to logon 100% offline with all MFA methods, just like you would with a password logon. Furthermore, the agent allows for a fully passwordless logon to Windows.

Getting Started

The requirements for installing and using Desktop Logon Agent are as follows (for more information see the Integration Guide) :

  • Authlogics Authentication Server 4.x
  • Windows PCs: Windows 7 & Windows 8.x
  • Windows Servers: Windows Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 & Server 2012 R2

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