System Agents

Our system agents enhance existing logon processes, improving logon security by adding Deviceless OTP or Multi-Factor Authentication, and by reducing costs and improving user experience through password replacement.

The ADFS Agent provides enhanced security over password-based authentication methods by integrating directly with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services.  Cloud and on-prem applications can be secured with passwordless and Deviceless OTP authentication technologies.

The Domain Controller Agent integrates Active Directory with the Authlogics Authentication Server to perform vital password security-related tasks for users. It provides functionality for both Password Security Management and Mult-Factor Authentication.

The Exchange Agent increases login security and integrates directly with Microsoft Exchange Server (version 2013 and above) to protect Outlook Web App and Exchange Admin Center. With its direct installation, it negates the requirement for any further infrastructure, reverse proxy servers or ADFS servers to function.

The Remote Desktop Agent sits on top of the default login website to provide Multi-Factor authentication into Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. Easily deployed through the wizard based installer, the Remote Desktop Agent can be used with any Authlogics authentication technology.

The Windows Desktop Agent secures the CTRL+ALT+DEL login process with Passwordless and Deviceless Multi-Factor Authentication. It also provides users with helpful feedback when choosing a new password to ensure it complies with the password policy. It is fully configured and deployable via AD Group Policy and can be used on desktops, laptops and servers. Windows Desktop Agent allows users to work from the office, remotely, or even when totally offline.