Authlogics Products

Authlogics provide end-to-end authentication solutions which begin with password policy and compliance, through to secure authentication technologies and finally the removal of passwords entirely. This is delivered through our Password Security Management and Multi-Factor Authentication products which seamlessly work together.

Password Security Management

Authlogics Password Security Management is a comprehensive real-time solution to ensure that user passwords comply with regulations and that they have not already been compromised online.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Authlogics Multi-Factor Authentication is a secure login and password replacement solution that can be deployed in record time. It offers multiple token and tokenless options to suit any scenario while ensuring a simple user experience.

Authlogics System Agents

Authlogics provides multiple system agents to simplify the integration with 3rd party solutions. These integrations enhance the functionality and security of products.

Authlogics Authentication Types

Authlogics Multi-Factor Authentication includes multiple authentication technologies to fix any scenario. This includes deviceless OTP through to passwordless MFA and users can be configure for any combination of technologies. Our software technologies include:


PINgrid is a robust pattern-based authentication technology that’s uses our ability to remember patterns or shapes to generate one time codes.


PINphrase is a user friendly, sentence or phrase based authentication type where users provide single characters from an answer to a well known question only they know.


PINpass is a standards-based OATH compliant solution which uses one time codes generated on a separate device, usually in conjunction with a password.

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