How to Reduce Identity Theft with Two-Way Identification

Establishing mutual trust when contacting customers over the phone has benefits for both parties. Traditionally, an organization needs to verify that they are speaking to an account holder, but due to increased social engineering scams, customers are more and more wary of providing security information over the phone, leading to an impasse and long call times.

A viable solution should have shared knowledge and a standards-based way to generate a one-time code for verifying that the other party is in possession of the secret, without divulging this directly to any unwanted third parties. A satisfactory solution should also be simple to use and implement.

Download the free whitepaper to learn the following:

  • Which surprisingly simple attack causes the most damage
  • The identification dilemma for companies and customers
  • How to establish mutual trust during calls and webchats
  • Best practice and real-world solutions
  • Multiple benefits to be gained from Two-way Identification
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