Using pattern based authentication to solve the password problem

Every day Fortune 500 companies with “sophisticated” password policies are being hacked. Users are overwhelmed by password requirements and the businesses that are forcing them to increase password complexity are beginning to find that this tactic has the opposite effect; users weakening their passwords simply so that they can remember them. Passwords are becoming more complex for humans to use and easier for machines to crack.

In this white paper, we will delve into the password problem, how this method is today doing more harm than good, and how pattern-based authentication can eliminate the problem.

Download the free whitepaper to learn the following:

  • The password problem & why existing solutions are no longer working
  • Pattern-based security solutions and real-world pattern recall
  • Using pattern-based recall for authentication
  • How a user would set their pattern and log in to a device or application
  • Advantages of passwordless authentication
  • Our conclusions & recommendations about the future of passwords

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