Authlogics within the SAMA Cyber Security Framework

The adoption and implementation of the SAMA (Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority) Cyber Security Framework is a vital step to ensure that Saudi Arabian Banking, Insurance and Financing Companies sectors can manage and withstand cyber security threats.

The Framework considers the ways that regulated entities leverage technology and, by adopting a common approach for addressing cyber security, cyber security risks are properly managed throughout all the sectors. The Framework has been drafted to ensure the integrity of the Saudi Financial Sector delivering flawless customer experience, continuous availability of services and effective protection of sensitive data.

Authlogics is a suite of security solutions which is well positioned to help achieve SAMA Compliance.

Download this document to learn the following:

  • Overview of the SAMA Cyber Security Framework
  • The overriding feature of all regulatory compliance controls
  • Find out how to map access management software to the Framework’s domains and subdomains
  • Learn how Authlogics is best positioned to meet these requirements

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