About Us

We provide customers with a unique and cost effective alternative to traditional authentication methods. In summary we:

  • Improve the security and reduce the complexity of passwords
  • Help ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate risk
  • Remove & reduce the reliance on passwords
  • Improve customer experience with simple, memorable and secure login

We believe that moving away from password based authentication is inevitable and we aim to bring new solutions to our customers to increase employee productivity, save time and secure critical company apps, devices and data. We’re inspired by our vision of replacing passwords – challenging ourselves to progress, to modernise, to innovate and to simplify.

Our customers are at the centre of everything we do

We offer solutions that are easy and quick to deploy offering fast results. We stay at the technical forefront of the industry to help customers authenticate their employees, partners, contractors and customers.

We make things simple and stand out from the rest

We believe in keeping things simple, which is why we are easy to do business with. Security is at its best when it is not complicated which makes for a better end user experience. We stand out from the rest with fresh thinking.

We offer secure, robust, cost effective solutions

We have a talented in-house technical product development team who are pioneers in creating and deploying authentication solutions. We love hearing customer feedback and ideas so we can implement these back into the product for everyone to use.