Barclays Demonstrates the Need for Two-Way ID

A new online advertisement from Barclays demonstrates just how easy it can be for a fraudster to call a customer and get them to divulge their security information.

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I defy a customer of any bank to watch this video and not think twice the next time they receive a call from someone claiming to be a representative from their bank. However, there are times when it is very important that a bank can makes contact with a customer over the telephone, such as instances when a potential fraud has been flagged on their account.

This is an issue that Authlogics addresses in a video presented by CEO, Steven Hope. He offers a simple way for the contact centre agent and account holder to quickly prove to each other that they are who they say they are, and then get on with addressing the urgent issue at hand. What’s more, it reduces the need for call-backs when neither of them can verify each other, which places an unnecessary cost burden on contact centres.

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Two-Way Identification solution is a unique method of telephone authentication using Authlogics PINgrid technology which is patented and award-winning. The solution is included as standard within the Authlogics Multi Factor Authentication licence which can be purchased on a subscription basis.

Authlogics provides a holistic, all-inclusive true multi-factor authentication solution consisting of three authentication technologies allowing a secure password-less logon to Windows Desktop machines, Remote Desktop servers, VPNs and Cloud hosted applications. Authlogics also includes three different authentication factors from Device-less (1.5) Factor through to 3 Factor authentication, Two-way Identification solution for agent-caller verification on phone and AuthentiDoc which provides One-Time-Passcode document encryption; all of which are highly adaptable to secure a multitude of systems within your environment.

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