Special Offer for the Healthcare Sector: 60 Day Free Trial

We would like to step forward and help the heathcare industry in this critical time and assist with securing the IT infrastructure that supports the health system.

Authlogics is a British business which is already recognised as a trusted supplier within the NHS providing Multi Factor Authentication to the Salisbury NHS and Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trusts.

With the increased workforce, this will certainly add extra strain on IT systems and of course impact security. As such, to help with the COVID-19 effort we are offering to make our Multi Factor Authentication solution available to the healthcare industry  for FREE for at least 6 months.

Our Password-less and Device-less OTP solutions can be deployed extremely rapidly which is one of our solutions unique points. This will allow medical staff to login securely without the usual lengthy IT project that such a solution would normally entail. We can install the software on-premises or in the Cloud (while working remotely) and it quickly integrates with common applications; we are also able to provide customisations for some specific systems if needed.

We pride ourselves on fast deployments and have been established for 4 years in the Identity and Access Management sector with our award winning market leading software. Our customers are of all high calibre including government, health care and other IT companies.

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